Monday, January 23, 2012


In retrospect, it almost seems like fate that this happened. Prior to starting the sexual activity I'm about to describe I had a short conversation with Rob the Breeder about writing up a book of sexual injuries. It was all in fun, but I guess making fun of sexual injuries was, in a way, like asking for one to happen sooner or later. And, eventually, it did.

Of course, the sex involved was great. Isn't that the way it goes? The sex can be as amazing as you want, it doesn't change the fact that you're human and suffer injuries like the rest of the mortals walking by outside, unaware of the fact that you're having fun fucking. Just another part of life, I guess.

It was the first time I would fuck my boy, something we'd unfortunately had to wait on due to a series of other circumstances that prevented us from getting as intimate with each other as we had wanted to from the start. But we were ready now, and it felt like something a long time coming. Both of us knew we wanted it, and without really communicating the desire to each other, we both nodded our readiness. I quickly ran to grab my cock ring and to open up a new bottle of Spunk Lube which is by the same guy who made Str8cam Lube (and is technically the same thing in a different package). I had only recently had the chance to try that lube this past summer, and it quickly became my favorite lube. But I digress.

I entered my boy quickly, but honestly I don't think he felt much pain. His hole opened right up and sucked me in the way his mouth had been sucking me in moments before. It had been way too long since I had been in another man's ass, and longer still since it was one that wasn't virginally tight and crushing my cock. To say it felt wonderful to be invading his hole would be like saying cake is rather nice to eat. And from the way he just gasped and groaned as I pushed my way in, it felt pretty nice for him too.

I wasn't very gentle, and I didn't go slow. He had put a nice leather chest harness on, so I grabbed the straps of that, pulled back hard, and started pumping quickly. I pushed in as deeply as I could. I was hitting all the right spots inside of him. His moans crescendoed to the point that, in difference to the neighbors I knew were walking by right outside my door, I decided to push his face down into the mattress to muffle his voice. I pressed him down, only slightly worried about him getting air, and renewed my onslaught. With his face covered and his cries quieter, I began driving in harder and harder, biting at his back and neck as I did.

I pressed his whole body down, still pumping in and out of him. I wasn't going as deep anymore, but it was still doing amazing things for him. I spread his checks, pulled him up, tossed him around a bit, and worked him over. Eventually we had to take a break, the sex having been a bit too vigorous for the both of us. I decided that a little toy play would be a fun plan and a great way to keep us both in the mood while we recovered.

My boy had brought a pair of nipple suckers from Fort Troff with him, and I really wanted to play with them a bit. I put on on his left nipple and one on my right. Sadly, the one on me didn't stick as well as I had hoped. We tried a couple more times and then placed it on my left nipple instead. It stuck a bit longer than before, but hurt a little bit. Of course, anyone used to nipple play knows that the pain can just bring the pleasure on harder and faster, so I didn't pay much attention to it. That is, I didn't until it fell off again.

That is when I noticed a little bit of blood. I felt like it was somewhat expected, since recently I've been dealing with the problem of my skin healing over the left ring a bit, causing a nasty scab that I'm hoping will go away sooner rather than later. I hadn't thought about that scab before placing the sucker on, and apparently the harder nipple play was a bit too much for my still-healing nipple. There was just a tiny bit of bleeding and a pain that was a bit too much to bring on pleasure.

We needed to end our sex a little quicker than expected, so I had my boy suck me off instead of opening his ass back up again. I jerked myself off into his mouth, and let the orgasm take me, washing away the pain of my bleeding nipple. Then my boy stood up and we hugged each other tightly, whispering sweetly in each other's ears. The tenderness that comes after rougher sex is some of the best moments I get to regularly experience, and I love having them. When I pulled away, however, I noticed a smear of blood on my boy's chest. I looked down at my nipple.

What had previously been just a little bit of blood, nothing to worry about, had turned into a rather steady flow, not healing as much as just bleeding out. I had to (reluctantly) end out tender moments in the interest of wiping up and clotting my wound. I had to wash it out. I had to wipe my blood stain up off his chest. As much fun as cleaning up after sex can be, the fun goes away when what you're cleaning up is your own blood. And yet, as far as sex injuries go, it certainly was not one of my worst. At least I was able to clean it up and stop the pain from spreading further. Still, it was not the most romantic way to end the moment, and certainly not how I would have wanted my first time with my boy. But it was so worth it.


  1. There are worst things that can unexpectedly happen during sex. How you react depends on what happen and who you're with. Something happens with a first time partner and there may not be a second time.

    1. I agree that there are worse things that can happen, and I've lived through some of them. Still, I was a little embarrassed and, well, grossed out to see my blood smear all over his chest. It wasn't just a little.


  2. Ace,

    I hope your nipple heals soon for you. Is this nipple pierced?

    I have thought about getting my nipples pierced but still hesitant. I've heard that it could kill the sensitivity in your nipples but also worry about someone being to rough to them and ripping them out.

    Hope you and Boy are well.