Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amid the Leather Men

This is the promised report of my leather bar night trip this Saturday. Various issues caused my tardiness in posting it. I wanted to do it right, however, and not just post something half-assed. So here is my (hopefully full-assed) post about the first truly fun night I have had in a while.

I wasn't entirely ready when he walked into my apartment. I had been more than a little behind schedule all day, and now that it was night, I was still a little bit behind schedule. To say that my thoughts of time flew away while staring at him, clad head to foot in leather, would be an accurate statement. I was still only in my leather pants and a t-shirt I had been wearing all day. We had decided that I would show him some of my gear and talk a while before we left.

This tall, handsome man is a reader and friend, though this was the first time we were meeting in person, and he had invited me to join him at the local leather club's monthly bar night, even offering to drive me to the bar and back so that I wouldn't have to stick to the public transportation timetable. He also kindly was willing to show up at my apartment a few hours before the event to help assuage my nerves. As much as I have done in my short life, I had never before been to a leather event or a meeting of leather men. The most interaction I'd had on that front was meeting up with one or two other guys with leather fetishes for some play time. But at the bar night, I would be around a lot of men, both in gear and out, who I had never met before and that worried me a bit.

I'm not terrible in crowds when I don't know people, and I'm certainly not one to hide in a corner, but I always find it much easier when there is at least one person I know well, someone I can cling to if my mingling skills are overwhelmed or not up to snuff. That is why I had a guy dressed in full leather sitting on my couch. He had graciously come over early to talk with me and help me feel like I wasn't diving into a crowd without a friendly face. Even though we had been talking online for quite a while, I didn't feel comfortable just jumping in the car of a man I had yet to meet in person, no because I was worried I would be kidnapped, but more because I felt it would be socially awkward to do so. If this is painting me as someone who way over-thinks things, then you're starting to get an idea of how my mind works. I'm not crazy, I'm just constantly doubting myself.

It didn't take long to realize that I wasn't going to make a fool of myself in front of this man or his friends, so after I chowed down on some quick spaghetti, we were in his car and on our way to meet some guys at the bar. I was dressed in leather pants tucked into my tall boots, a black, geeky shirt, a leather vest and a leather coat. The shirt was mainly there because I was very cold and wanted the extra layer of warmth. I expected it to leave my body at some point in the evening.

We arrived at the bar and were miraculously able to park in a very convenient location, considering it was a Saturday and we were in a very busy area of Boston. After I almost walked past the door while not paying attention (I was more worried that my boots were cutting my ankle up a bit), I stepped inside for the first time. The bar was much like any other bar, with plenty of bottles lined up and places to site right inside the door. There was then a second area to the back with more bar space and a dance floor. Beyond that was a pool table and (strangely enough) a claw machine with stuffed toys and porn DVDs inside. The people we were meeting were right inside the door, and after names were exchanged we were off into the night to go to a pizza place.

We five men in leather were well aware of how we looked in that pizza place, but it was more of a joke to us than anything we were actually concerned about. No one gave us much notice beyond when we walked in the door. The meal was great and I had a ton of fun talking with these new men I had met moments before. Even though they were all older than me, I felt like I fit in with them well, and I felt like they were warming up to me too. One guy in particular, who was dressed in just jeans and a buttoned shirt, seemed to really enjoy talking to me, and taking a vested interest in me.

Later on at the bar when he stripped his shirt off and put on the harness he had been carrying in his pocket (leading me to question what else he had in there), he and I played tongue hockey for a bit while the club music played in the background. We weren't the only couple of guys making out, but he was the kind of kisser that makes you forget your surroundings and focus entirely on the kiss, the kind of kisser I happen to be, if I'm not patting myself on the back too hard. I don't mean to make that sound overly romantic in any way, I just mean that when you are a great kisser and are presented with another great kisser, you get so involved in how wonderful of a kiss you are sharing that you lose track of everything else. It is almost like playing tennis with an opponent as skilled as you are, you want to throw in everything you've got, while at the same time keeping some tricks hidden until the perfect moment to spring them, just to see how the other guy reacts.

This guy reacted well, and I felt wonderful when our lips finally parted to a shout of, "Get a room." I thought very happily that, even if nothing but that kiss happened that night, it would be a great night indeed. I wasn't planning on fooling around with anyone from the bar that night, and hadn't even thought the night through to that point in my preparations. But it was clear to me from the multiple times this guy offered me a ride home that he had other things on his mind. Little did he know, he was slowly barking up the wrong tree. It wasn't that I wasn't interested in him. It was that he clearly thought I was a bottom, and had every expectation of fucking me if we went home together.

Instead of doing the right thing and letting him down easily that I was a total top except on a very, very rare occasion, I slipped into Tease Mode and let him think he was sweeping me off my feet. I have no idea where the impulse to tantalize this man with something he couldn't have came from, but I played it up good, even sitting on his lap for a while, letting him rub my furry chest under my leather vest.

Eventually I let him loose and made more introductions with more members of the leather club. I met and exchanged more names that I will ever remember, and there were more people who came and left without me being introduced to them. Overall the atmosphere was very fun, these guys were here to relax and enjoy a night, regardless of how many college-aged queens and their hags came up from the club downstairs. There was even a short, brown skinned man dancing in yellow underwear, his cock and balls clearly tied off with something to bulge out, up on a raised surface by the dance floor, something I was told was very unusual for the bar. I have a thing for darker skinned guys, be they Latino or Middle Eastern, so his gyrating ass was a nice juxtaposition to the hunky leather daddies I spent the night talking to.

Eventually (after sharing some kisses with some more fine men) I found my way back over to the sexy man who had driven me to the bar, and grabbed him by his vest and pulled him in for another amazing make-out session. I was almost drunk with the feeling of his leather pressing against me, and my hands wandered everywhere, my hardening cock pressing into his thigh as I groped both his ass and his crotch. I started unbuttoning his top so I could get at his nipples and chest, inhaling the scent of him deeply. Then he did something that I found incredibly erotic: he took his hat and glasses off and rubbed his face and head through my chest hair. I wrapped my hands around his head, bending a few times to nibble at his ear when it came close to me. I could feel my ever-leaky cock pumping pre-cum down my leg as he kept at it, and for the second time that night the entire bar melted away for me. When we finally finished with each other, the bar was noticeably emptier, and I hadn't seen anyone leave.

When we finally left the bar my head was throbbing hard and I wasn't quite sure why, as I hadn't had any alcohol that night. I was still enjoying myself, though, and the ride back was full of me talking about how much fun I'd had. How much I wanted to come back. It had been the first time I'd had any kind of social interaction that wasn't either with family or the people I work with, and I didn't want it to end. When I got out of his car and walked to my apartment, my head was still aching, and I was very tired, but I would have given anything to still be at that bar surrounded by those sexy men in their leather.


  1. What an amazingly fun night for you. I love all the emotions your writing sparks in this reader. So happy you had a fun night!

  2. boy is so happy You had so much fun, even more so now that i have read the blog post about it. boy loves going to the leather bars or to a bar on a leather night. Can't wait to get into my gear for You.

  3. Your head was aching from loud music I bet.

    So did you prefer that night compared to a night of working 10 hours? :-)

  4. Glad to hear you had a fun time. I hope that you get to hang out with the leather men again soon. BTW....I love the smell of leather and can imagine what it would smell like in the bar with all of you there.

  5. Glad you had a good night, I hope it's been revitalizing. I also hope the meetup this weekend goes well, I'm cheering for both of you.

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