Sunday, January 22, 2012

Formspring and Where Did this Snow Come From?

Well, after a long season of very little snow, I guess it was bound to happen at some point. Still, I have to say that seeing all this white stuff on the ground makes me a little sad, even if my inner child wants to make snow men and throw snow balls. It is cold out, and I really don't like the cold. My fingers and toes freeze up quicker than an object floating in space, and my hands and feet follow quickly. So days with snow and cold generally see me retreating under my covers and shivering the hours away, even if I probably have better things to do. I'm a hibernator by nature, I guess, and a snow storm is the quickest way to get me to sleep for hours on end. As such, my day yesterday was pretty lazy, except for when I finally dragged my ass out of bed and went for a fun stroll through Boston Common, bringing my boy along with me. Even as my extremities went numb, I have to admit that I really enjoyed walking through the winterscape with my boy, stopping to kiss him at different intervals, pointing out various scenic spots to visit. That being said, getting back to my cool apartment and snuggling in with him to warm up was probably my favorite part of the adventure.

But seriously, can it warm up and be summer already?

I guess it is time to slide on over to my Formspring inbox for some questions to answer. Hope you all are ready to ask me some new ones. As always, you can also send me any questions you have in an email as well. I'm happy to answer questions on any topic. I really enjoy letting you guys get to know me beyond the sex-blog aspect of my life, and I think you all enjoy it as well (go on, admit it). Now, here we go!

To write a successful novel versus a successful sex blog: Does one require more skill, are the two skills different but equal, or are they basically the same?

There are multiple layers to this question, but I will try to answer as succinctly as possible:

There are some skills that are the same, some that are different, and some that are absent to each form. For example, to write a successful anything you really have to be commited to writing regularly. There are a lot of bloggers and authors out there who do not have the commitment it takes to be a true writer (there is a difference between writer and author, by the way). When people ask me if they have what it takes to be a writer, I will usually pose to them this question: If you had everything you could want, all the money you needed to live, and never had to work or do anything again, what would you do? If the answer is that you would still write, then you are probably on the right track. That's actually a good technique for figuring out what you really want to do with your life, by the way.

Then, of course, there are things that are dissimilar. For example, to write a novel, you have to be able to carry plots and characters along in a (for the most part) linear narrative, with all the ups and downs that comes with. You can't just drop characters and plot lines, and you can't have people suddenly change their minds without notice. A sex blog, however, is about real life. In real life people drop away unexpectedly, or you just stop with a certain relationship, effectively ending that "plotline." So writing small portions of your life out is an entire different kind of writing, though I hope I have demonstrated that it can be just as poetic and meaningful as the other kinds of writing.

BĂ©arnaise or Hollandaise?

I don't really use either in my cooking or eating, though I know when they are commonly used. I am just not a big fan of sauces. And I don't eat poached fish, so hollandaise kind of loses purpose.

Have you ever been in a sling?

No, in spite of the fact that from the first time I saw one used in porn many years ago I have fantasied about it. I have also never fucked a guy in a sling, no matter how much I have wanted that too. I really need to get on that at some point. It seems almost wrong that I have done so much but a sling is something I missed out on.

A nasty form of syphilis is said to be on the rise. Has this affected your sexual behavior?

First of all, all forms of syphilis are nasty, as it isn't a virus you can just shake off. However, I am under the understanding that those who are most at risk are the recently incarcerated, due to the fact that many prisons don't test inmates for STDs (something I have a HUGE problem with, but that is a conversation for another day). That, mixed with the fact that I haven't had much of any sex since my last test makes me pretty unworried. If it were actually becomming a problem, you would hear more about it.

In the candy store of life, what confection is Ace?

Good question. I think I am probably something that is universally sweet, as I am generally a very sweet person to all I meet (unless you piss me off). But I would say I am also something that excites the taste buds, makes the tongue tingle with flavor. Not sure what kind of sweet matches that (I surprisingly don't eat many sweets), but that's what I would be.

Silicone or water-based lube?

I would have to say that I prefer non-water-based lubes simply because of the way it dries up quickly, and it can cause a bit more mess than other lubes (to be blunt: crap doesn't stick to a dick slicked with silicone). However, there are the obvious problems of silicone lube when dealing with toys or condoms during safer sex. Honestly, my favorite lubricant is Str8Cam Lube which you can get at The lube is great, feels great, doesn't dry up, and is very safe to use. Plus Jeff, the guy who makes it, is incredibly nice as well as sexy and has frequent cam shows. What more can you ask for?

Do you have a favorite flower or plant? If so, do you care about scent?

I honestly don't know that much about flowers/plants. I have a certain sentimental attachment to chrysanthemums, and I do like roses (red is my favorite color, after all). I also used to have a cactus that I loved, until my mom threw it away.

What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?

If I had to say "favorite," does American count? Sorry, but I love my hamburgers and hot dogs and cakes. For non-American food; I like Thai food a lot. I recently was taken to Cambodian food, and that was nice too. Over-all, if it has some kind of yummy meat in it, I like it. Or if it is pizza. I love pizza.

That's all for this week. To all my fellow Northerners, I hope you are all staying warm and safe in the snow. To everyone down South, I'm very, very jealous.


  1. Your candy answer-
    But I would say I am also something that excites the taste buds

    So are you saying your cum excites others taste buds? :-)


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