Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kissing Ace

I start my kisses off lightly. I want to taste the lips I'm about to kiss before I get too caught up in what is behind and between them. But this sweet, chaste moment doesn't last long. Unless I detect some terribly bad breath, I dive right in, opening my mouth and sliding my tongue out, getting ready to allow my partner's tongue in as well. This isn't an invitation to invade my mouth with a tongue spread out, choking me with a kiss. In fact, that is the easiest way to cause me to stop kissing immediately, and is a huge turn off to me.

My hands will travel up to the face and hair of the person I'm kissing, stroking the ears, the temples, gently massaging the scalp. I hope to stimulate more than just the lips when I kiss. Eventually I will start tugging on the lips every now and then, first by simply sucking on them, but then with my teeth holding them, biting into them slightly. I suck on the tongue like it is a hard cock and then trap it in my mouth. When I am kissing someone with full, juicy lips, I can spend long, sensual minutes sucking on the lower lip, enjoying the flavor and texture. My ministrations eventually cause the lips to bloom and swell pleasantly, but I am just getting started.

My hands will move down from the head, rubbing the chest (with some extra focus on the nipples) and down to the crotch and ass. While this may seem like it is leading to sex, my wandering hands are still all just a part of the continuing kiss. While I grope the rest of the body, my mouth moves to one side of the neck or the other, kissing and licking my way up to the ear lobe. Nibbling and licking at the ear, I will pause ever so slightly to whisper compliments into my partner's ear. I tell them everything about them that turns me on. I tell them about how much I'm enjoying kissing them. I tell them how badly I want them. Then, without hesitation, I plunge my tongue into the ear, licking around it, over it, below it. I press my hardening cock against them, letting them know exactly the effect they are having on me. Then I kiss my way back to their mouth, eager to share the flavor I've picked up with them. I am happy when they enjoy themselves on my lips and tongue.

Kissing for me is an art form, and one that I love to cultivate with many different partners. I enjoy making out with people who see it in the same way. When I meet someone who is skilled with their lips, I never want to stop kissing them. For me, a long session of kissing can be just as good, or even better, than the sex that may or may not follow. I can kiss someone and never cum, never pull my cock out, never even hump the person a little, and still feel fully sated and happily sexed up for the night. Do I have to kiss while fucking? No. Does it make the experience a hell of a lot more enjoyable for me? You bet!

What can I say? I'm an orally inclined kind of guy.


  1. Wow...*fans self*.
    You sound like a pro and your lips are so totally kissable!

  2. Joe,

    Thanks. Glad you think so. I have to admit to a certain pride in what I do.


  3. Words do not come to boy's mind right now. Emotions, thoughts, sensations, and some activities but words don't seem to be able to express properly all that boy is feeling and thinking right now.

  4. You didn't learn all that from watching Sesame Street as a kid I bet :-)

  5. When a kiss moves to my ear and they do the right things to my ear I buckle from pleasure. I sense Ace that you will have me buckling and begging for more pleasure from your kisses and from you using my ass for your pleasure.

  6. Frankly, I consider the night a success if all I got was well-and-truly kissed. Anything else is icing. I have a feeling that you'd be a damn fine main course, even if you are 99+% top.

  7. Yours are the lips that launched 1,000 . . . prows. Would you consider replacing the current About Me photo with this one?

    S. A.

  8. I can only imagine the magic of your lips. Le sigh. rjd.

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