Monday, January 16, 2012

My Boy

I am rarely at a lost for words with what to say about a person, but when I try to write about my time so far with my boy, the words fill my head to near overflowing and I can hardly pick out the right ones.

My boy had hardly been in my apartment for a full minute, just long enough to push all his bags into a spot in the corner, and I was on top of him. We were both incredibly happy to see each other and be in each other's presence. We had been planning his trip to come visit me for a while, and in the week before our nerves had been on edge waiting for the chance to finally hold each other. After some slight hiccups with his travel plans, being home at my apartment in the modest warmth and comfort that I get here was more than we could have asked for, and I must admit that I was unable to keep my hands off of him.

I kissed him first. Maybe the first time his smile had left his lips since spotting me earlier that evening. My kisses were short at first; I hadn't decided on what would happen next. But soon my desire took over me. My kisses became more forceful, more demanding of him, and he submitted his mouth willingly to my urges.

We were still standing in our coats and shoes from the outside, and my first goal was to remove as many of those as possible. The more that my skin touched his, the more undressed we got, the more my desire to have him in that moment grew. I couldn't restrain myself, surprised at how badly I wanted to take him right there, in that particular spot of my floor. It felt like it took us forever to take our clothes off, but it could not have been that long. I think we were both slightly amazed at the fact that we were finally together. Amazed that we had any kind of contact at all. When we had spoken before, both of us had mentioned that we would be happy that first night to simply hold each other in bed, waiting until the next day to finally fuck around. That was no longer an option. We had started and we were not going to stop.

It all seems like a blur now, though I know that in the moment I was feeling every single sensation, present in every moment, and loving everything. My boy got down on his knees to start worshiping my cock, and his skills were amazing. Not only was he easily able to take my cock all the way down his throat, making that wonderful gulping sound while he did, his skills with just the tip left me breathless. His tongue on my balls made me gasp and moan in pleasure. All the while, he was smiling up at me.

I got behind him while he was on his knees and I rubbed my naked, hard body over his back, whispering dirty things in his ear, nibbling on his rings, his lobe. I nibbled on his neck. I pressed every part of myself against him that I could. I rubbed myself all over him, like a cat marking my territory with my scent.

Eventually I moved back up to his mouth, intending on finishing there, as he hadn't had a chance to clean out due to all the traveling  and the long day. I don't think it took me much longer, he had me worked into a frenzy by just being there for me to use. Within minutes (or was it longer? I can't tell) I was shooting my load, I was exploding out over him, and then I was bent, wiping my cum away from his eye with care not to hurt him, feeling waves of warmth wash over me as he smiled up at me and I down at him. Wonderful.


  1. Fuckin hot Ace. How did you meet Boy? The hunger, forcefulness and tenderness in that first encounter was really hot. Had to laugh at your original game plan to just sleep together and fuck in the morning. What made you think that would ever work???

  2. And just think, first meeting sex is never as good as the sex that comes after that :-)

    1. I know, right? I am hoping our sex just gets better and better from here on out.


  3. Loki,

    I know it sounds strange, but meeting with him was total happenstance. Neither one of us remembers what our first conversation was. And as far as the sleeping plan, I have no idea what I was thinking.


  4. Boy is so incredibly lucky to have you in his life, his mouth and his ass. Sounds like you had an incredibly sexy time together. Let's hear more ... rjd

  5. I'm so pleased you two have finally collided. I hope his visit stays hot and filling. Kiss him once for the rest of us.

  6. Glad that you guys were able to meet. I am looking forward to hearing more about Boy!