Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Quick Visit

The higher-ups at my college, for whatever reason, decided a long time ago that our Spring Break would be a couple weeks earlier than most other colleges. This made it really hard to do much of anything over break, as often there would still be snow on the ground. If you had money to go to warmer climates, you still had to deal with the fact that even Florida gets cold in the winter time. Not as cold, of course, but trust me, when you're in Florida when there's snow and frost, you think twice about going in the winter months.

It also means that if I went home for Spring Break, most of my old friends were still at college and I was stuck at home with family, and then they come home and I'm back to work. But I was one of the few kids from my high school to venture away from New England, most stayed in the area. I had a few as close as an hours drive away at a small college in New Hampshire. One of them was a boy I had only met a few times, but had talked to frequently online, on the phone, and through text since. He was a small, thin boy with sparse facial hair, almost as if he were still stuck in puberty, though he was more than a year older than me. I don't mean to make him sound like a twink; he was much too grungy for that. He was the special kind of nerd who doesn't scurry around from book to book with a pocket protector and calculator in hand, as the stereotype would have it. He was a metal-band lover, Star Trek obsessed, bespectacled nerd. In other words, super cute and much my type. At least physically, but we won't get into that.

Patrick met me at the entrance to his dorm building, after helping me navigate the strange roads around the campus. He and I spent a fun evening in his dorm room, on his computer, doing something or another, though I don't really remember what. We were joined by his female friend at one point and the three of us went to dinner, then back to his room to hang out. It was fun talking to people my age and hanging out with them, but I had come for a different reason. I was here to fool around with Patrick.

We flirted as much as two people can without making the third person feel uncomfortable. Patrick sat his incredibly light frame on my lap while we were on his computer, and I wrapped my arms around him. He would wiggle and flex his bone-hard ass, keeping me at a permanent semi-hard state the whole time. At one point, the girl left us to use the bathroom, and while she was gone I lifted his shirt up and pushed one of my hands down into his pants, grabbing his cock and balls. As I fondled him I nibbled on his ear and whispered, "You like this, don't you?"

"Yes," he hissed out in a breath.

"What do you think would happen if she came back and saw us like this?"

He moaned and squirmed uncomfortably at the thought. His movements made my hand move around his crotch, and he started to chub up under the friction. I licked and kissed his neck to add to the building tension. All too soon the girl was opening the door back up. My hands shot out of his pants and I immediately began talking as if nothing had changed since she'd been gone, and she was none the wiser.

At some point during the night, the girl had to leave to go back to the women's dorm. Patrick's roommate was spending the night somewhere else (he and Patrick apparently didn't get along too well). We were going to be alone, finally, for a while.

Patrick, for all his talk to me about being a top and being dominant in bed, was doing absolutely none of the work, no matter how much I tried to coax the dirty boy out of him with my touch and gentle nibbling. I decided to step up my game. I lifted him bodily off my lap, and I pulled his pants down, leaving him in just his t-shirt and black briefs. I always like a guy in briefs, though my being able to see his ribs poking out above the elastic band ruined the effect a bit. I like men with a little meat on their bones.

His cock was fully hard now, and had a nice size and girth to it. Nothing too big, nothing to write home about, but bigger than average and it was clear that he knew how to use it. Once I pulled the shirt over his head and stripped down to my own briefs, he began to warm up to our play. And when I pressed my lips to his, he closed his eyes and began to reach my level of passion. By the time I had him pressed down to his bed, my nose pressed to his pubic hair and his cock down my throat, he was lost in the pleasure and groaning for more. Even in the throws of orgasm, though, his touch almost seemed tentative, as if he was unsure that I would be OK with him touching me. I wanted to show him how OK it was, cradling him in my arms, pressing as much of my body to him as I could and rubbing him all over.

After we had finished sucking each other off and cleaning up, he walked me back to my car where we made out for a few more minutes before I got in, promising that we would meet up again that summer and have a repeat performance. While it wasn't the last time that we saw each other, we never did get a chance to hook up again. And eventually we fell out of touch as he dropped out of school and I stopped coming home on breaks. It was a quick visit but definitely a memorable one, and much more so because I never got to do it again.


  1. If you always do something like it's the last time, you will have nice memories in case it is the last time. Since sex is always nice, having the best sex you can each time helps those memories later in life. And trust me, the older you get the more you look back at times like this.

    1. I always try to live like it is my last. It gives me a chance to be more adventurous, more entertaining, and I do what I enjoy instead of what other people say I should do. So much more fun.


  2. I wish I had hooked up with some of the men I went to school with in high school and college. I am still hopeful that I will get some at future reunions and hope that my interest in them still exist.

  3. There are definitely some from my high school who I think wanted to, but were afraid to, or didn't know what to do. My school was big enough, though, that the ones who weren't scared were enough. I think my reunion will be very interesting, however, to see who has changed their tune.



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