Friday, January 20, 2012

Stumbled Upon

For the first two years of my college education, I would frequent a well-hidden, but also frequently-occupied glory hole on campus. Things slowed down the third year I was there, and my last year I never actually got any action there, and the hole even got patched up a bit (though anyone with a screwdriver could have opened it back up). Initially, however, the hole was merely covered by a hanging toilet paper roll that could be lifted off easily. The location was frequented by students and faculty alike, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some townies knew about it too. It was in one of the men's rooms in the library, a place that would have served well as a creepy bathroom in a dark thriller. For whatever reason, that particular bathroom had low lighting, heavy doors, and a long, corridor-like shape that made it perfect for hiding out and getting some action.

And the best part was, I stumbled upon it completely by accident. I didn't like studying in the library, but my area of my dorm that first year was for some reason the Mecca for video game playing. The three rooms around mine would all be playing whatever new game was out, and they would be playing each other. And then a large group of guys would show up and stand in the hallway, trying their best to watch all three screens at once, and commenting loudly on what was happening. This was a fairly nightly activity, and my roommate and I certainly didn't enjoy being around it. He coped by talking to his girlfriend on the phone while doing his work, and I coped by grabbing a table at the library and doing whatever it was I needed to do.

I wound up at the library late at night more often than I needed to be there, simply because I needed an out. It didn't take me long to notice guys I recognized as being campus gays spending a lot of time in the bathroom, and eventually, on a very boring night when the library was practically empty, and I was just staring at the pages of a book, curiosity got the best of me. I walked in. I don't know what I thought might be going on, but I'm not sure I expected what I found.

As I walked in, a guy left one of the stalls, clearly in the process of closing up his jeans, his still hard cock making that a little difficult. He tried to act inconspicuous at first, but then guessed I wasn't going to tell on him and graced me with a knowing smile as he went through the motions of washing his hands. I walked up to the stall he had left and shut the door, looking around at what appeared to be a regular stall. Unsure of how to proceed, I did the usual foot-tap, hoping that would let my neighbor know I was interested, but a little confused of the etiquette in this new place.

I was a little shocked by the toilet paper holder bumping lightly off the stall wall, but quickly figured out that was how I was to take it off. I removed it and placed it on the floor, revealing a nice hole in the stall that wasn't drilled or smashed. If anything, it seemed like the hole had once held a bar or pipe of some kind, but no longer was required for the task. Instead, it was currently framing a set of lips that opened into an eager mouth.

I quickly began to jerk my already mostly-hard cock, pushing it forward to the awaiting man on the other side. He was a great cock sucker too. It didn't take me long (not that it ever did back then) to get worked up by his mouth to the point that I was pulling out because I didn't want to cum too soon. I poked my fingers through, offering to suck the guy off as well, but instead of feeling his cock, I felt his mouth performing fellatio on my fingers. That was all the suggestion I needed, and I quickly pushed my cock back through.

Within no time I was biting on my fist to keep as quite and still as possible as I came. I zipped up and left fairly quickly, having left my school stuff sitting out in the library the entire time I was in the bathroom. I don't think anyone ever lost anything like a book in that library, but I wasn't about to take chances. Outside I contemplated sitting and waiting to see who I had just had the benefit of feeding, but thought better of it, instead packing up my things and heading back to my dorm. My roommate looked up as I came in and made some comment about me being back a bit early. I made up some excuse about being bored and turned on the TV.

I got to spend a lot of time in that bathroom, both servicing and being serviced. I eventually even met some of the other guys who frequented the spot. It was probably the safest and surest place to cruise on my campus, and I was really sad that it died out towards the end of my time there. I don't think the library workers were cracking down or getting wise (honestly, very few guys went in there without intending to get sucked off). I think it had more to do with my college attracting less new students. With the campus population down, the amount of guys interested in dick dropped too. But at least I have some good memories of my time there.


  1. Good memories is right, that is all we have as we get older in todays crazy world.

    That first time you were wise to not hang around to see who came out of the mensroom. That could have wrecked the memories you still have for that day. For your entire life, that guy in your mind can be anyone you want him to be.

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