Sunday, February 12, 2012

Formspring and Single Awareness Day

It is that time of the year again. That day we all wait for anxiously. The day after Valentine's Day when all the drug stores have the candy for 50% price! OK, OK, I admit it. I'm not much of a romantic when it comes to Valentine's Day. If commercials never reminded me, I think I would forget it existed. I just find the idea of people worrying about what they're doing romantically on a specific day to be, well, unromantic. After all, it is just a day, same as any other. We should tell those we love that we love them regularly. Not just on and special day. I think that the most romantic thing ever to happen to me on Valentine's Day was last year, and that was my Romeo's doing, not my own (you can look in the tags for the post on him).

That does not mean, however, that I am not romantic. In fact, I was watching the Graham Norton show last night, excited that one of the guests was Dame Judy Dench (a favorite actress of mine). The musical guest was Will Young, a singer I had never heard of before, though apparently he was the first winner of the Idol show in England. He sang a song that resonnated with me because of how much it reminded me of my loves past. Not just Romeo, who truly will always be on my mind on Valentine's day, but all the people I have loved and lost. And those I love now. The song is called "Silent Valentine," and I recommend you all give it a listen.

Life is, after all, about love, and I am never sorry to have loved people. I refuse to regret that emotion.

Anyway, enough of that. Today is my only day off until I finish this large chunk of extra work days and long hours I'm still stuck in. My plans are to relax and try to have some fun before going in to work early tomorrow morning and leaving whenever they finally decide to let me escape. So without too much further ado, here are the Formspring questions I have lined up for this week.

As always, you can ask me anything on my Fromspring page, whether you have an account or not. I also take questions in my email, if you prefer to ask me there. I love answering these questions, they give me a chance to expose a side of myself that might not normally come out. So please, ask anything on your mind!

Did you have a favorite holiday gift as a kid? What was it?

If I did, I honestly can't remember what it was. I had some Lego sets that I think were gifts and a matchbox car road set I loved to play with. Honestly, after a while my family started giving me those basic gifts and then I would go get myself something after.

Have you ever found yourself in the position of willingly giving up something you never thought you'd give up? if so, what was it?

Yes, I have, and I hate to say this because of how it sounds, but I have given up friends and loved ones before. Sadly part of the package when moving far away every few years like I have. Even in this era of easy communication, some people are hard to keep in touch with, and you end up having to let them go.

Would you say that people with high IQs are typically more, no more, or less sexed than average? Do you see any erotic characteristics that appear more or less often in bright people? ("Bright" needn't apply only to those who test well -- though it cert

Honestly, I have known people with very high IQs who had no social skills whatsoever. Unfortunately for them, social skills are pretty important to getting sex, even if it is just skills like recognizing when someone is flirting with you and being able to flirt back. That being said, I'm not sure intelligence has much to do with sexual prowess, but I definitely prefer smart guys as bed partners to dumb eye candy.

Do you cook or eat a traditional New Year's meal? here in the South I am having fresh collard greens, black eye peas, cream style corn, homemade baked macaroni and cheese and BBQ pork chops.

I have honestly never heard of have a traditional meal on New Years. It has always been a low-key day for me. I rarely do anything of consequence.

Do you have any New Years resolutions you are making this year?

Nope. It has been years since I made one. I find the idea a little schmaltzy and silly with the whole starting anew and whatnot. I generally am of the mindset that you should just start bettering yourself, regardless of what day it is.

Do you live near your family?

If by "near" you mean a few hours drive, then yes. I actually live closer to my family than I really like, but I love Boston so there isn't much to do about it.

Did you buy yourself anything special for Christmas this year?

Generally if I get anything "special" for Christmas, it is something I bought for myself. I'm at the age where people really don't buy me things anymore. I will say, however, that I got some really nice gifts from readers of my blog, and I did get myself a few movies and books I wanted. So it was a nice haul this year.

That's all for this week. I'm off to relax, maybe clean up some of the mess I have made, and get ready for more work. Yay!


  1. Life is, after all, about love, and I am never sorry to have loved people. I refuse to regret that emotion.

    I think this is probably the greatest gift you can possibly give yourself and others.

    *blows you kisses*

    1. Countesszero,

      Thank you very much. I'm glad you think so. I was worried that it might come off as a bit too mushy when I wrote it.


  2. Watched Graham Norton last night for the same reason and was not disappointed. :)
    Will Young is also one of the co-stars of the BBC series 'Bedlam'.
    Haven't posted to you before, but been here since the beginning. I know you said you were going to make it a sex blog, but I truly enjoy the mix of hot times AND everyday struggles.
    And just to let you know I'm a short, furry Bear an hour south of Boston. LOL. Just thought I'd throw that one out for you. ;)


    1. Scott,

      Thank you very much for your support and your words. I'm glad you like how I mix in my life. I never really intended for it to happen, but honestly, it had to happen. Life does step in every so often.

      And if you ever find yourself coming in to Boston, send me an email and we can see about meeting up. Always happy to meet readers in person.