Sunday, February 5, 2012

Formspring and the Superbowl

Well, it is that time of the year again, when we all crowd around the TV with beer, chips, and popcorn, and vote for our favorite over-price commercials and go take a piss while some guys run around on a feild. OK, OK, I'm kidding. I actually don't watch the commercials that much during the game or after it. In a lot of ways, I don't find them memorable at all. Same with the half time shows (I know some people are looking forward to seeing Maddona). I think the last one I actually remember watching was when Janet Jackson had her infamous wardrobe malfunction. I also remember the Superbowl my Freshman year of college, when I spent the entire game at my campus job supervising the weight room at the gym. You can guess that there was no one there (actually only two people came to work out the entire shift) so I opened my laptop up and got game updates online. That one was pretty boring.

And for those of you wondering, yes, like every good son of New England, I am a Patriots fan. But I'm not as aggressive about it as a lot of people in the Boston area are. Football isn't really my sport, and I don't enjoy watching it that much. I know some people think it is worth it just to see sexy men in tight clothes, but as someone who was a competative swimmer for most of his life, I can tell you there are better looking people in tighter outfits in other sports. Water polo? That's where it is at, my friends.

Sadly I'm probably going to miss at least the first half of the game this year because of those extra hours I told you all about in my last post. I strongly suspect a lot of my coworkers are taking game day off, and that is why I'm being called in to work on a Sunday. On a normal Sunday, I would be an extra person on staff and probably in the way. I suspect tomorrow I'll be needed a lot more. I'm even going in earlier than normal, which is why I'm wrapping up this intro and segueing shakily into the question and answer section of the post.

As always you can ask me anything on my formspring page, and also read through my backlog of questions and answers. You can also ask me a question through email, and I will happily answer it for you and post it up on the next Sunday.

Your writing is so exemplary. When i read Your blog i am often taken into my own mind and can picture everything so clearly. Have You always been a fabulous writer or is it something You have had to work at?

Why, thank you very much. I have to admit, I am honestly and frequently humbled when people tell me that my writing is good. For some reason it never seems that good to me, but I think I am just a perfectionist. And to answer your question, yes, it has taken me many years from realizing that I wanted to be a writer to getting to the level of writing I am at today. There have been multiple writing projects I've done that were not great and then there have been others I have started and stopped because I was not at the level I needed to be at to tackle them. I am always developing and growing in that area. Then again, it is much more than a hobby for me. Writing is my life.

How often do you encounter men who like vibrators? You mentioned one not too long ago. But it was pretty much in passing.

There are definitely a lot of guys out there who like vibrators. I think it really depends on the man and on the vibrator in question. I have used a few in my time, and found that some definitely feel good while others simply felt like something was shaking in my ass. I knew a guy who had a hand-held wand that felt really good if you rubbed it on your cock, balls, and taint.

RE "party drugs" like cannabis and MDMA: Are you approving, disapproving, or indifferent?

Far be it from me to tell someone what to do with their lives, but aside from the obvious health problems, I have some reasons why I don't play with guys that are huge into drugs. One is that they tend to get high and just lay there, waiting for you to finish. I like submissives, but even they participate in the moment a bit. Some tweaks are so far gone that you might as well be jerking off. Another is that sometimes the sex is just part of the high, like some people only smoke when they drink. I don't want to just be a means to making your high better, I want to actually mean something to you.

IQ: Be all and end all, something worth considering, or much ado about little?

IQ really doesn't matter as much as people seem to think. I have known people with genious level IQ scores who wasted their talents making and then taking drugs, and I know people with normal IQ scores that make the most out of their skill set. Plus, I believe strongly in cultivating both book and street smarts.

You are from OHIO? I, too, have been called a worthless nut being the buckeye that I am. What part and do you ever get back?

I'm not from Ohio, but I did spend the last four years of my life there while at college. I haven't really been gone long enough to "get back" but I'm sure I will from time to time.

Suppose you won a 9-figure lottery and never had to worry about money again. Suppose you could also conceal your wealth. Would you ever pay for sex, or would you feel that anyone who expects payment would never be worth their price? Semper Anonymous

I don't have an intellectual or moral issue with paying for sex, having taken money for sex a few times in the past. I am not sure if I would pay for sex, as I generally can get it without paying, but I'm not going to say "no" to this question either. If I ever become rich, I will let you know.

That's all for this week. I look forward to answering more questions soon. And I do plan to post more this week, in spite of my busier-than-usual schedule. Hope those of you watching the game enjoy and are safe about it. For my non-football/superbowl minded, have a wonderful end to your weekend.


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