Friday, February 3, 2012

We Interrupt this Program

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been busy. It actually feels a bit like saying good-bye to my boy and writing about my jumbled mess of thoughts happened a week ago, instead of earlier this week. I have taken on a lot of extra hours at work these next few weeks, and I spent all day yesterday up North doing some on-the-side work on my day off. Coupled with school being back in gear and my lack of sleep recently, I'm definitely in a different place now than I was the last time I posted. I'm still a jumbled mess, but now I'm a jumbled mess with things to do.

I wanted to let you all know about my coming extra hours as it may cause some interruptions in my posting. I'm working eleven of the next fourteen days, and some of those days I'm working extended shifts, so it is entirely possible that I will fall behind on my blogging for a bit. I apologize if I do. I actually have some stuff that I know I have to write about and want to write about when I get time (like my last night with my boy, which was very hot) and a few other things to post (like more pictures of me in various states of undress). So I hope you will all bare with me while I get all of that out.

Meanwhile, I am ever searching for the next person who will make an appearance in my blog. In fact, I spent some time last night while doing homework online talking to people to mixed results. I say mixed, but what I really mean is "positive in all but one category." I accidentally stumbled across one of those rude trolls that haunt the cyber realms, and boy did he rear his ugly head. Here's how our correspondence went:

Ace: How's it going? I really like your profile and pictures (especially your furry chest). Would love to hook up some time. 
DickHead: Cut the hair and then we'll talk.
 Really? I mean, I know that my long hair isn't for everyone, that's something I knew would be the case the day I decided to grow it out. But come on guy. At least pretend like you aren't being shallow about it. And I love how there's the implication that, once I cut my hair, he would deign to have sex with me. Well, trust me, if you're the kind of person who can look at someone and say, "He's hot but that hair has to go for me to talk to him," the I don't want to talk to you. And if you're rude enough to say it, I DEFINITELY don't want to talk to you.

I immediately put the guy on my ignore list and moved on. Honestly, his opinion of my hair doesn't bother me (I don't know him, so how could it). But things like that always make me heave out a heavy "le sigh" at the way people seem to feel that they can be so nit-picky in online sex partners. In my time using the internet to hook up with guys, I would say that most men online at any given moment are not actually on to have sex. They may think they are, but every time someone approaches them, they will find a fault. These people will sift through pages of guys and not find a single one who fits the perfect fantasy mold they have, and then log off dejected.

These are, for obvious reasons, not the people I usually end up having sex with. Oh well. Their loss. I moved on and had a wonderful time talking with a few new people and even Rob the Breeder before heading to bed. When I logged off, the guy who had told me to cut my hair was still on, and he was still complaining about not finding anyone to mess around with. There's a moral to that story.


  1. I always say, "Yea, I may be fat. But you're an ass and I can lose weight."


    1. That's a good response. Besides, bears are sexy and amazingly fun. Who doesn't love a bear?

  2. Wow, he is definitely a dumbass. he has no idea what (Who) he is missing out on. Most definitely his loss. boy agrees that often people are online either to find the "perfect" match or often for an ego boost when guys go after them even when they shouldn't. Your boy would love to smack that dumbass.

    1. Thanks for the support, but rude people like that aren't usually worth taking the time to smack.

  3. Anyone looking to hook up has the right to be selective, but they don't have to be rude. While some people are just an ass in every day life, cyberland has brought out the rudeness in a lot of people who if you meant in person wouldn't act the way they do in cyberland.

    1. I agree. Anonymity has really helped to bring out the bitchy side in a lot of people. It is just too bad that the rest of us have to deal with it.

  4. Hi Ace,
    Sorry that i don't leave enough comments in here but i am starting to left some in here. I am glad that you did that, it was rude of him to say these words to you. You are one sexy man and don't ever forget that. Glad you also put him in your ignore list. That guy was still looking for somebody after all that time, maybe he was saying bad things to other people also. You won't have a lot of time to write with all the work, it would give me time to read the past post my friend.


  5. Yves,

    Don't worry, my friend, I imagine you will have plenty of time to go back and read some of my older stuff that you might have missed. I hope you enjoy it when you do.


  6. How Rude of the guy! When will everyone learn to accept each other for who they are and how they want to dress, etc.

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