Friday, March 2, 2012

Ace Candy: The Return

It has been entirely too long since I posted some Ace Candy, and for that, I apologize. But I recently saved a lot of pictures to my computer, and there were some of me that weren't completely crap. Trust me, there are some pictures currently on my computer that make me look like I'm drugged or sleepy or both. Pretty sure that's an honest opinion and not my self-image issues talking. But at least a few of them made the cut.

Here are some that I took when my boy was here. Some of them are of Christmas gifts I got (I still have to take more pictures to get the rest of my gifts from my readers), and some of them are of things that he brought and took back. Either way, I hope you enjoy them.

One of my gifts was a leather jockstrap by Colt

My cock bulging from the zipper in the pouch

My ass. I've been told it is worth seeing.

Leather jock, leather boots, rubber gas mask

Another shot of my ass

My fist on my boy's collar
That's all for this time. You guys got the cream of the crop here. I promise not to go an entire month before I post the rest of the pictures I have. I do want to go through them a bit first. And like I said, more gift pictures will be coming soon. If you sent me a Christmas gift and I haven't posted pictures yet, no worries, it will get done.

And if anyone is interested in sending me gifts for me to take pictures in, you can go to my wishlist on Amazon (the link is also on the side) and check out what I have there. I've already gotten more than I ever expected to, so thanks to all of you so much!


  1. *drooling boy* that was a very good night

  2. Doesn't that strap up the crack drive you nuts?

    1. Honestly, once you get used to a thong strap, you really don't notice it. And my mentor had me wearing thongs back when I was younger, so I've had plenty of time to get used to it.


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