Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hi everyone! I'm making an unusual Saturday post (unusual for my current posting schedule, at least) to talk about a couple of milestones I have coming up soon.

The first--I assume it will come first--is hitting my first 100,000 page views! I know that may not seem like a lot compared to some other blogs that regularly get thousands of views a day, but it is well beyond what I ever expected to achieve when I first started my little blog in this corner of the internet. I know I have a core group of frequent readers and commentors to thank for a lot of those views, but I also know that there are readers out there I don't know about, so thank you all as well.

The second upcoming milestone is a little under two months away, but I figured I would mention it now as well: My one year blog anniversary! That's right, May 15th will be a year after my first ever post, and May 16th will be a year after my first sex post. I can hardly believe I've been keeping this blog up for so long. I had very limited expectations of myself, but I've done it (in spite of some hardships) and I'm very proud of that fact.

Now, these coming milestones leave me to wonder what I should do to celebrate them. I want to do something that will excite and involve my readers as well as gratify my own enjoyment of the blogging experience. But how to do that? I've thought that I might plan a give-away, or make a special post commemorating the dates, or some other fun thing that my readers might enjoy.

So now I'm giving you guys the opportunity to let me know what you think. Does anyone have any suggestions for something I should do for either (or both) of these events? Let me know in a comment or an email, and I will probably announce the one I choose as the event draws closer.

I'm looking forward to hearing your creative or sexy or creatively sexy ideas. Of course, if no one comes up with anything, I'll be forced to think of something myself, and I'm lazy, so please don't make me do that!

As always, I'm grateful for every single one of my readers and am looking forward to sharing these benchmark moments with you all.



  1. Hmmmmmmmm, in commemoration of the one year anniversary of Your first sex post, i think on May 16th You should have a sex slave. Some person who will do anything You want and take anything You decide to give. Oh, a very special dinner and pampering when not having sex. Yes, boy likes to imagine You celebrating in a very physical way.

  2. Personally, I think a tattoo and piercing would be a good way to mark the occasion...
    Daddy Demon