Monday, March 12, 2012

Technology and Ace

It is entirely possible that technology hates me.

I'm not bad with technology, I'm actually quite fond of it. I would never claim to be on the cutting edge of technology, but when I was a Freshman in high school, some friends of mine and I all taught ourselves HTML and CSS and a little Java and started making our own web sites. Just for fun. We thought it was cool and entertaining and something to do when we were supposed to be doing homework. I sort of lost interest after a time and scrapped the whole project. But to this day, I keep fairly up-to-date on different tech things.

Recently, however, it seems like technology is out to get me. And the frequency of technological blips in the past few days has made me stop and wonder.

The first noticeable moment was when my blog post had trouble going up on Friday. I had to fight with Blogger for at least an hour (though it might have been more, and I certainly wasn't working at it the whole time) just to get it posted. For some reason I would click "Publish" and the blog would show up on my list of posts, but it was nowhere on my blog page. And when I tried to type in the address manually, it claimed there was no such page. Aggravating, to say the least. But eventually the problem was solved and I got things back on track.

But even at work things were on the fritz around me, and I didn't have any idea why that was. It was never anything major, just minor blips that caused problems or made something go a bit slower for me. Was it the full moon? Was it because I was stressed out at the end of a long week? Was it because I was tired but still had to work Saturday? Or did it have anything to do with me at all? I couldn't tell.

On Saturday things seemed to be going better. I bought a ticket online in the morning that didn't get sent to my email like it was supposed to, but the confirmation number was sent, so I felt secure as I went to work. Then, that night, while I was taking myself out for dinner and a movie (a new thing I'm starting with myself if I have a night off on the weekend; a solo date night), the movie didn't start until about twenty minutes after it was supposed to, and once it did finally start, the previews were all jumbled and skipped like a scratched DVD. When the movie proper started, everything was fine, but it was still annoying. I worried through the whole film if the subways would still be running when I got out. Luckily I was still able to catch one at about 1:15am, which I had not expected.

Then, yesterday, I had another fight with Blogger. This time, I was having trouble even getting a new post to open. I was tired from losing an hour the night before and didn't work on it for very long before just giving up. I apologize, I realize that I've now missed two Formspring posts in a row, but I was really in no mood to be fucking around with snippy technology. Then, last night, around a quarter after nine, I noticed that my phone's clock seemed to be wrong. By which I mean, it was three hours behind, telling me it was roughly a quarter past six. I hadn't ventured to the West Coast, so I knew there was something up with my phone. The strangest part was, when I looked at the world clocks widget, it knew that it was after nine in the Eastern Time Zone, and it knew I was in the Eastern Time Zone. Yet it was still wrong.

And even while I was typing this post up, I was suddenly logged out of all things related to my Google account on all tabs in my browser. Email, chat, Blogger, other people's blogs, YouTube, you name it. I had to log back in and pray that my draft had been saved. I was fortunate, but I'm thinking that maybe I need to give technology some space for a while. Before I accidentally blow up my computer or something.


  1. Time for a little Office Space re-enactment?

    1. As much fun as that sounds, tech stuff is far too expensive to destroy these days. Though I did bash an old TV with a baseball bat once...


  2. Sorry to hear you have trouble getting it up on

    I know what you mean, sometimes modern technology isn't as great as it should be and paper and pencil sound better.

    1. I should have known there would be a limp dick joke. And I should have known it would be you.


  3. Ace,

    Technology is wonderful when it works...but when it does's a pain in the ass and not a good pain in the ass like after a big cock has fucked and bred you for hours.

    Hope it goes better soon for ya.