Sunday, April 1, 2012

Formspring and April's Fool

Well, my dear blog readers, today is the first day of April and man am I behind in things I want and need to do. I've once again found myself a bit too busy and a bit too caught up in various things to get some time to myself to relax, even when I thought I was going to have a relaxing weekend. But I am a firm believer in seeing every new beginning as a clean slate, so I'm going to try my best to dust myself off and get a jump where I've fallen behind. But I also am hoping that with spring starting to kick in gear and some of my obligations winding down, I should at least have some time to relax, enjoy life, and get some serious fun going on. I need and deserve it.

I don't mean to bitch and moan about being busy. It just seems surprising to me, when I thought I had essentially cleared myself up that I got bogged down anyway. I wanted to reward myself, but life got in the way of enjoying life (wouldn't you know it?). But I've already done a few things to make myself happy. In fact, last night, at about 2am, I was baking myself a cake. If that isn't treating yourself well, I don't know what is.

Without much further delay, I'm going to jump right in to the questions for this week. As always, my Formspring page is open for you to ask me anything, and you can also email me questions as well. I love answering for you all, as it gives me the chance to talk about aspects of my life that I might not normally touch in the blog.

On to this week's selection!

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy weekend?

In bed. If I am being lazy, there's a good chance I'm hardly leaving the bed. If I have a body in it with me, it is even harder to leave.     

Why you so sexy?

Not sure, but I'm happy that you and others find me sexy. It makes talking to people so much easier when they're attracted to you. Kidding. I think.

Do you like to ride roller coasters? If so, what is the name and amusement park of your favorite?

I LOVE roller coasters. A lot of the ones I used to ride as a kid are gone now, taken down and replaced. But when I went to Cedar Point in Ohio I discovered a coaster-lover's paradise. So many coasters, I actually didn't get to them all by the end of the day.

Of course, I have a certain love of the mountain coasters at Disney World. Space, Thunder, and now Everest. Love them.

Why do bitches be hatin'?

Because bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks? Yes I just quoted Dr. Dre.

Under what conditions would you lose the beard?

Under absolutely no conditions. I may trim my beard regularly, but I don't shave it off anymore. I love my beard.     

Have you ever made a sexual phone call to someone you had a crush on and hidden your number or disguised your voice?

No. I generally let people know if I find them attractive. I'm more straightforward than most about stuff like that, though. I was going to say that I have probably done that kind of thing to someone I hate...but nope. Haven't done it at all.

Would you ever skydive?

I have been wanting to skydive for YEARS now. Was hoping to do it last spring but things sort if fell through. Still, when the time is right, I'm jumping out of that plane.

What are 3 Deal Breaker that would end a SERIOUS relationship with you?

Being controlling and jealous of me and what I do and who I see, lying to me outright, leaving me high and dry when I need you most.

That's all for this week! Can't wait to answer some more for you all, and thanks to everyone for sticking with me while I deal with all my current stress. I am hoping for all our sake that it lets up soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the beginning of April.

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