Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Easter Part 2: Two Tops

Once I got to my apartment, I took a quick shower and grabbed some quick food before it was once again time to head out for some sex. The man I was meeting up with was a fellow top I had been chatting with online for some time, and he and I both knew a bottom I wrote about back in July (I keep getting amazed how long I've put off writing about this weekend) in my post The Lawyer. I had already had sex with Brian The Lawyer, but my fellow top had not. The Saturday of Easter weekend, however, the three of us had a big afternoon planned with lots of fun, sex, and expanding horizons for Brian. But before then, the other top and I wanted to get together and have a little fun between ourselves.

When I got there I was first struck by how incredibly thin he was. He'd warned me that there wasn't much meat on his bones, but this guy was more than just lean, he looked like he'd just sprouted to his current height a few days before. I wondered to myself if there wasn't a chance he was sick or a user, but the pictures he had around the living room showed that he had been this skinny for a long time. I guess he just didn't eat or work out much. But the skinny thing didn't bother me for too long. He was a genuinely nice guy and was one of those older gays who have been in an area for a long time, if not their whole life, and are very welcoming of younger guys. I think if I had met him earlier in my time in Ohio, I would have graciously been taken under his wing. He reminded me of what had so attracted me to my mentor all those years before: the kind way he willingly opened himself to any questions, the way he wanted to be sure both Brian and I got exactly what we wanted and that we learned something in the process.

He asked me if I would like to join him in the shower, and even though I'd already taken one, I agreed. We had fun exploring our bodies and washing each other. I know some guys are very private in the shower, but I enjoy the playfulness of washing another off, especially before or after sex. He enjoyed playing with my nipple rings and I had a lot of fun seeing just how bone-y he was. His ass was almost non-existent, so it is a good thing he wasn't expecting me to top him then. It would have hurt me with every thrust. And of course, the most important bone of all, was quite impressive. For a skinny man, he certainly had girth where it counted. I was longer than him by a bit, but his was bigger around. I remember enjoying the weight of it in my hands, the way I seemed to want to curl my fingers around it every time I touched it. It was a handsome cock.

We moved into his bedroom and he put on some porn for us to watch. I can't remember what the movie was off the top of my head, but it was one of those industrial-themed ones where the scenes all take place in some warehouse and all the guys wear bits of leather and metal and are oiled up to look sweaty from work. It was actually kind of hot, but we didn't watch it for very long.

We rolled over each other on his large bed. It wasn't a fight for dominance like I know can happen between two tops. It was just two guys having fun and getting into as many interesting positions as possible. His oral technique was interesting, and I haven't come across it since. It was almost like he was able to make his tongue a constant throbbing wave over my shaft as he moved up and down. I went to town on him as well. His cock's thickness made deep throating him a challenge, but one I enjoyed attacking. I was able to do it (possibly thanks to The Breeder stretching my throat open just a week earlier), but I was gagging more than usual, something that I think he enjoyed.

He had a collection of cock straps that he showed off to me and let me try on, something that ultimately lead me to getting one of my own (he told me where to get them cheap). One he had me wear was the kind with a strap that goes between your balls and pushes them away from each other. I don't know why, but that one hurt me a lot. To the point where I basically had to rip it off before we could continue playing. Maybe my balls don't hang low enough, I don't know, but it hurt. He wore it fine, and gave me a different one that just cupped my balls, making it feel like they were being constantly held by a leather glove, which was amazing.

We both came a couple of times, but we didn't want to do too much, as we were both saving ourselves to fuck our bottom boy the next day. I remember his cum tasted strange. Not bad, necessarily, but like it was really watered down. There was just a hint of cum and it was a little disappointing.

After we came we took another shower and migrated back to the bed to hold each other and finish watching the porn. It was nice to huddle under the covers and hold each other, and for the second day in a row I found myself missing having a warm body to lie in bed with me. Not even for sex, necessarily, but just to hold and be held. Skin to skin. I like that feeling a lot, and I hadn't gotten a lot of it since breaking things off with my last steady guy.

All too soon I had to leave, but I was going to be back again the next day, bringing a fun bottom boy with me. And we had some hard play to get into.


  1. Playing around in the shower with someone can be fun, more sexual then sex.

  2. Ace,

    Sleeping next to someone and showering together are so sensual and unfortunately doesn't happen enough for me. I am hoping that will change in the future.

    It always amazes me how the skinny men have bigger cocks and the heaviness when you are holding them and playing with them. Of course I don't mind what the size they have as long as they know how to use them to make my ass feel good and use my ass for their pleasure.


    1. Well, if you ever find yourself in the Boston area, I will make sure to shower with you while you're around. No reason why I can't help a fellow pig get clean.