Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Easter Part 3: Open Wide

This is the final post in my series about last Easter. Managed to get it written up before a full year had gone by, even though I meant to write it up last June. I'm just going to say, "Whoops, I forgot," and move into it.

The lawyer showed up at my apartment, acting a bit skittish, which was normal for him. He was very, very in the closet for someone who travels around looking for sex. We never could play at his place because he thought the walls were too thin and people would know. I didn't see any problem with that, but he sure did, and there were enough ultra conservative people on our campus that I respected his wishes in that regard. Still, it seemed to me a bit strange to be worried about people seeing us the day before Easter when the campus was dead quiet. The people who were still around like me were either holed up and sleeping or off trying to find something interesting to do with their four day weekend. Like I had been finding interesting things to do with my weekend.

We hopped in my car, even though I kind of wished he was driving to save me gas, and I drove us out to the house of the skinny top I'd hooked up with the day before. He was a little nervous, but I told him the guy was great and that I'd had fun. He loosened up on the ride over and by the time we got to the house (which I accidentally overshot and had to circle around to) he was relaxed and eager to have fun.

The three of us sat in the skinny top's living room for a bit and talked. He told us about himself a bit and we shared some too. He told us about how he and a group of guys were getting together the next day for an Easter dinner for guys who didn't have families to have Easter with. He said they do it for all the major holidays. It was kind of touching in a way, and honestly it is a moment I remember vividly from that day. I had already made plans with a friend, so I declined, but I loved the idea. It makes sense that these men would join together for holidays and make their own family. I can only hope that, if I'm ever in a similar situation, alone, no family, on a holiday, that I will be able to find some people to join with. Camaraderie can be really important.

Of course, that's not all that happened that day. Soon we were in the bedroom on the large bed again, the three of us. Naked. The lawyer carefully folding his clothes and piling them on his shoes. I almost laughed at how careful he was, but I couldn't. Not when I was busy watching him make out with the skinny top and jerking my dick to hardness.

The three of us rolled around on the bed together, swapping dicks and mouths, trying to suck and kiss whatever was offered up to us. For a while it was a real free-for-all with no one really taking charge. It was really fun, just grabbing and going for what I could, taking a break when I needed to, then jumping back in the fray. There was something playful, almost child-like about the way we explored each other. Like kids running around to a made-up game, making up new rules as we went. It was fun.

Soon enough, though, I was lubing my cock up to pry open the lawyer's hole, and this time there was nothing inside, he was clean and ready to go. After a bit of pounding from me, coupled with some spanking that he enjoyed, I switched out and the skinny top took his turn. It was fun to watch the two of them go at it. They were putting on a show for me too, I could tell. Even with the lawyer spit-roasted between us, it was clear that they were putting on a show for me to watch. The skinny top proved very good at moving the lawyer around on top of the bed, rolling him to different angles to open him up more. By the time it was my turn to fuck again, he was wide and ready to go.

"I want you to double fuck me," he said to us.

"Have you ever done that before?" He hadn't, so both the skinny top and I made sure to work him open some more before we declared him ready. I even worked his hole open with my fingers, loosening it up by getting as many in him as I could before we started.

The skinny top got on bottom, which seemed a bit counter intuitive to me at the time, since all our weight was going to be piled on this small man's bones, but I let him make the choice. The lawyer sat down on his cock, taking it all in. Then I pulled up behind and pressed in, only to meet a lot of resistance. I asked him if he still wanted to do it, and he said yes. So instead of my dick, I started sticking my fingers in alongside the skinny top's cock. To my surprise, the muscles started to loosen quickly and I was able to position again and start fucking my way in. It took a while and some work, but in the end we had two cocks inside of one very happy and energetic bottom.

It didn't last for too long though. We couldn't hold the position and the lawyer started to hurt a bit, so we both pulled out and went back to double teaming him for the finish. It took the skinny top a while to cum, and he never managed it while fucking. But my mouth was eventually able to get him off. When we were finished, we lay together on that bed, cuddling. The skinny top between us two. It was kind of funny, because between the two of us, we were easily double the size of him.

After a while of relaxing and washing off (the lawyer did his cleaning up in private, but that wasn't very surprising. Once we were all cleaned up, I drove us back to campus and back to my apartment where the lawyer came up with me. We talked a bit about what had happened, how he was feeling, whether he liked it or not. Then we talked a bit about the upcoming graduation for me and his bar exams. We both had a lot on our plates coming up and it was a bit stressful to even think about it. I wanted to find a way to steer the conversation a different way, but wasn't sure how.

He knew, though. He said to me, "I'm ready to go again, if you are." And I bent him over my couch and fucked him relentlessly one last time before sending him on his way. After that I needed to rest. It had certainly been a long Easter weekend for me.