Friday, April 27, 2012

Perils of Exhaustion

First of all, I'd like to thank all my readers for sticking with me while I am yet again sucked in to work and school a bit too heavily to keep a consistent schedule for updating my blog. As I've mentioned before, this week I have a lot of extra hours at work covering for a coworker on vacation (hey, when's my vacation?) and next week is finals week this semester, so I've been busy. On top of that my phone glitched up and I had to do a total reset early this week which was not fun, and my left nipple ring finally fell out after a rather quick migration. I've been online less and sleeping less, and it is definitely getting to me.

Benny and I had only been talking online for a little while, but we've already connected about so many things that there is little doubt in my mind that we'll be good friends for some time to come. Whether that friendship would have benefits or not, I was not sure. He's a great guy, but he is looking for a lot more stability than just a fuck buddy, at least that's what I had been gathering. When I meet guys like that, I usually try to avoid too much interaction so as to keep things casual. Just because he's a great guy, doesn't mean I want to play him. And when I say that he is a great guy, I really mean it.

The first time we officially met up (we had tried to meet up earlier but stupidly made the attempt the night after the Boston Marathon) he picked me up at the bus station after I returned from a trip up north and drove me back to my apartment, saving me a lot of time on public transportation. We stopped in at one of the thousands of Dunkin Donuts in the city and had some donuts and coffee and talked a lot, getting to know each other.

The second time we met up he was picking me up after a very long day at work this week, once again saving me some commute time, and really making it clear that he was a great friend. In fact, out of all the friends I have in the city with cars (which, granted, are not many) he is the only one who has ever picked me up at work. It was incredibly nice of him, and really made me feel great. So great that I gave him a huge hug when we got to my apartment.

Then that huge hug turned into a kiss. That kiss kept going and going. And going. And finally I heard myself asking him if he would like to come inside. I was surprised at myself, having already decided that I was going to keep things friendly with Benny and not push things with him. But the next thing I knew we were on my couch cuddling and watching a TV show on DVD. He was so comfortable, and it had been a while since I held someone like that. I wasn't thinking and I didn't stop there. I kept taking more of my clothes off and his as well.

"When you picked me up today," I said as I unbuckled his belt, "I didn't expect to be undressing you on my couch."

"It's OK," he said to me.

"I'm sorry," I said, though I wasn't sure if he had any idea who or what I was apologizing about.

"Am I asking you to stop?"

Soon we were naked on my couch. My long hard cock rubbing against his short, thick, pierced one. His left nipple was pierced and my right one was the only one I had left, so they clicked against each other and I ground myself on top of him. I kept apologizing every so often, though after a while even I wasn't sure why I was doing it. I just didn't know what else to say, and my words got quieter and softer as he kept kissing them off my lips.

Neither of us were ready to do much of anything that night, and I still needed to cook and eat my dinner after he left, so I grabbed a bottle of Spunk lube and we started jerking each other off. He was lying there on the couch, weighing all of 130lbs wet, the ring on his cock shining at me. It was a great thing to look at. I was hot and so was he. I was throbbing and he was thrusting, close to shooting.

His cum shot up and came right back down, landing in his pubes in thick globs. I wasn't sure why, but I felt my own orgasm getting farther and farther away as he continued jacking me. I grabbed some more lube and began jerking my own cock, but it was no use. I was barely half hard anymore and was softening quick. I gave him one last embarrassed apology before helping him clean up.

He was very kind about my inability to cum, but it bothered me. Why did I have a problem? I hadn't jerked off at all that day. When he left my cock and balls were aching a bit. Was it because he had been too rough on me? I wasn't sure. Usually I can take a bit of rough play and I hadn't noticed it while we were together. It wasn't because he was unattractive. Sure, he was missing a few teeth and he smelled like cigarettes, but I don't have any big issue with those things. Plus, the rest of him was hot enough and his personality was great enough to more than make up for it.

Then it hit me. I was exhausted. I was dead tired, and it had taken a toll on my sex drive. I hadn't eaten since  my lunch break and it was after ten already that night. I needed to eat and get to bed. Sex was the furthest thing from my needs. I was embarrassed, but I was also aware that it was just a symptom of my tiredness. I wasn't dealing with impotence, I was dealing with sleep deprivation. I knew then more than before that it was going to be a long week for me.


  1. Ace,

    Exhaustion can take its toll in many ways -- sexual performance, concentration, irritability -- you name it. Get some rest and all will be right in the world.


  2. I'd suggest paying more attention to the rest thing, but until you can finish with school, or become independently wealthy so you don't have to worry about work, it's the rest of your life that's going to suffer. Good luck.

  3. i can't hardly wait to feel Your hot cock in my hands, down my throat, and up my (Your) ass.

  4. Ace,

    Exhaustion does things to the body including lowering sex drive. I hope you make it through the week at work and I know you will do well on your finals.


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