Friday, April 20, 2012


He was running late and I was running early, and the night wasn't exactly warm. I stood grumpily inside the subway station for a bit, wondering if I had time to wander into any of the stores or shops nearby to get some food or drink to have while I waited. But I wasn't sure how late he was actually running, so I figured it would be better to be ready. I didn't really need to eat, I was just bored.

I finally got the text that he was pulling up and walked across the street to where we had agreed to meet and leaned against a wall to wait. He wasn't as close as he had said, I waited a few more minutes while other cars pulled up and dropped people off or picked people up. At least he hadn't picked for us to meet somewhere that would be conspicuous.

When he finally pulled up, I got into the car with him. He quickly pulled out a roll of twenties and peeled some off, which I counted really quickly before tucking them away. It was only half the amount we'd agreed upon. I would get the other half when I left at the end of the night. I'd been playing the professional with him up until now, but I let out a "Thank you," as I put the money away, and I could tell that he is happy to hear it. He was in just a sweatshirt and sweat pants and looked very tired to me. He sounded tired too, when he spoke.

"We just have to keep this quite for my roommate," he told me, "I don't want him to know that I'm paying."

"No problem," I replied. I hadn't planned on blabbing about it anyway. "Do I need to be quiet so he doesn't know what we're doing?"

"No, he'll be busy doing other things."

When we got into his apartment I could tell that his roommate wasn't expecting a guy to come through the door with him. I partly wondered if it was because of his looks. He was a little overweight (but really not that bad at all) and older, balding. Shorter than me. But his looks didn't matter to me at all, not that I was going to get to see him naked anyway. He was paying to simply service me orally. He wanted to suck me off, lick my balls, and tongue my hole. Nothing else, and nothing that would require him to be naked. I did get to see a bit of his flesh when we compared nipple piercings early on, but that was the most I saw.

We made a quick line for his bedroom, he didn't even stop to say anything to his roommate. When we got in his room there was classical music already playing, and he put a porn DVD on his TV. I looked down and saw the DVD was "Bone Deep" from Treasure Island Media, one I'd not seen before. He turned the volume down a bit, saying, "They can moan kind of loudly in this one, and it gets a bit annoying." I just smiled and stripped down to the tight lycra top I was wearing over my jeans and sat on his bed.

He started feeling me up, acting like he was going to take his time, which is what I expected. But soon he had me stripped down to just my Nasty Pig jock and his mouth was kissing around my inner thighs. I was able to just lay back and let him do what he wanted to me, a position that was actually a little uncomfortable for me. It had been a long time since I wasn't the dominant partner, or at least an active participant. I'm not used to being passive and letting things happen. But the discomfort was almost enjoyable, I felt a rush as I threw my arms above my head and let him strip my jock off. It wasn't just passivity, it was idolatry. He was worshiping me with his mouth.

He would have me shift position for him every so often, and my levels of passivity would shift with each new position, but I never took a totally active role. There were times where I was fucking his mouth, but that would soon shift to him eating my ass and I was back to being passive. The mixture of moaning men from the porn and classical music from the speakers and the shifting light from the TV made the whole experience feel wild and new, like my senses didn't quite know which would be bombarded next. I was having a great time.

Then the room went dark, a signal that the scene on the DVD was changing. I happened to glance over at the screen and notice that I recognized one of the men in it as someone I have been talking to in emails recently. I began to watch the screen a bit more often, taking glances when I could to see this sexy man bottoming while I was getting pleasured. I could hear the top's orgasm coming, and felt my own following along in time. Shortly after the top shot his load, I felt my own release, giving the man servicing me little warning.

After I came I moved down near the man on his bed and let him hold me for a while, figuring that I would be leaving soon as he was looking as tired as I felt. But the scene on the TV was still running, and I couldn't help but notice that my cock had not gone down. Neither could the man, and he resumed servicing me, a quick second time that neither of us started but both of us knew I needed. Once again I came right as the top on the TV came, and the second time was just as enjoyable as the first.

It was getting late and I was putting my clothes on, getting ready to be dropped off at the same spot I'd been picked up. He handed me the rest of my money and we walked quickly out of his apartment. He stopped to say he'd be back soon to his roommate but then we were out the door. "That's the trouble with rooming with your ex," he said quietly as we walked to his car.

"Oh, he's your ex?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah, I bought the place with him while we were dating. Wish I hadn't."

"I'm sorry." It was the only thing I could think to say. "Are you going to get crap for having me over?"

"No, he has his boyfriend over for weeks at a time."

"Oh. And you're still living together?" Now that he was talking about it, I wanted to learn more. It was strange, but I almost felt like this was part of what I'd come here for. Part of what he'd paid me for.

I found out that he'd been living with his ex there for fourteen years and that they had broken up eight months into those fourteen years. I was shocked, and a little sad for him. I kept saying, "I'm sorry," but it didn't feel like enough. When he pulled up to where I was getting out, I gripped his thigh in my hand, looked him in the eye, gave a smile, and said, "Thank you. For everything." Then I got out and walked away. It was the best I could do for him, and I think it helped.


  1. He wasn't the first person to be trapped in a house situation with an ex. I wonder what happen when he got home after dropping you off. The questions from the ex must have been flowing the second he walked in the door.

  2. Ace,

    You get serviced and paid for his enjoyment and yours. Very nice. I have always thought about trying to earn some extra money by providing services.

    It shows how of a caring person you are when you offer your apologies to him for having to live with his ex.

    You are a great man.


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