Monday, April 16, 2012

A Year Later

I'm not doing a regular blog post today (I know that means that I've left you hanging on the finish of last year's Easter, but I'll post that next). Instead I'm dedicating this post to the one year anniversary of when I drove north into Michigan to meet up with The Breeder, a man who I had only known through his BBRT profile and the few posts of his blog I allowed myself to read in anticipation. It had been two and a half years since I had bottomed for a man and I was feeling the itch to flip. I had found him on BBRT and decided he was the one I wanted to reopen me. I didn't know that from that choice I was opening myself to meeting a spectacular lover, a close friend, and a mentor. He and I still talk regularly and yes, I can still vividly remember that night.

You can find my posts about that night (and the second time we met up) under my Rob the Breeder tag. But if you would like to read his beautiful telling of that night, then I encourage you to check out his post titled Someone's Poem.

If it were not for the Breeder, I might not have had the courage to start my own blog, or to post pictures of myself online like I do. I really owe a lot (a lot more, in fact) to him. And I want this blog post to be a memorial to that.

Thanks, everyone, for indulging me.


  1. I remember following your posts with Rob on Twitter. They were erotic, incredibly so, and filled with passion. And you could tell, too, that what you were experiencing was love, which is wonderful. You and Rob were destined to be lovers. The bond you shared goes far beyond the physical. rjd

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Rob!

    I am so glad that you both connected and that you joined us in blogging about our personal sex lifes.

    I look forward to each of your post and feel like I know you.



  3. Ah, there you are, my two favourite beaus!