Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boy at the Bar

Sorry about how few and far between updates have been. My boy left to go back home Sunday, and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he went which meant a lot of other stuff got put on the back burner for a while. I hope everyone's Memorial Day was good and that you all took some time to think about the men and women who have lost their lives serving out country. If you do family BBQs, I hope you chowed down. I love to cook out but haven't had much of a chance to do one lately. Guess it is time to buy a little grill for myself. Anyway, on to the post.

The bar was going to be full of leather men gathering to wish Mr. Boston Leather well at this year's IML. I figured it was as good a time as any for my boy and I to throw on our leather gear and get out for some fun. Picking out what he was going to wear, making sure he had on some jeans that would make his butt look nice, deciding which harness would go under his vest easiest, was definitely a lot of fun. And I think (OK, I know) he enjoyed watching me get dressed in my harness (the one from the picture at the top of the page), vest, leather pants, and boots.

It was a perfect night for it. Not too cold, so we were able to wear just t-shirts under our vests and be comfortable. I was excited. It had been entirely too long since I had found the time to get away and enjoy a night out at the bar. School and work and other things got in my way, and I was looking forward to getting out and having fun. We left with plenty of time to get there before the events started, but were delayed by the subway being stopped for almost a full twenty minutes.

We did get to the bar, finally, just in time to see one of my friends and the MC that night outside getting ready to start the night off. After a quick introduction, we were inside a swarm of men in various amounts of leather and rubber looking up at Frankie on the stage in his leather jock strap. Let's just say that his ass alone makes him a winner of Mr. Boston Anything in my book. I could plant my lips there and feed for days. The man is incredibly nice too, and I hope any of my readers who made it to IML got to meet him while they were there. I know I pointed a few of you in his direction.

Mr. Boston Leather

But that wasn't the only exciting part of the evening. I had my boy get some raffle tickets, more to show support for the cause than anything else. But also to see his reaction. When people hand out tickets at the leather events here, it isn't just a pass the money, here are your tickets, good luck sort of thing. You get groped, licked, kissed, fondled, and a whole mess of other sexy verbs by whichever sexy thing they've got working it that night. Watching my boy get fondled and do some fondling of another boy wrapped tightly in rubber was a great sight, and one that I think I'll replay over and over to burn it into my memory.

Luck was on our side that night, apparently, as moments after I mentioned to someone that I never win at raffle contests, one of our numbers was read and I got to run up excitedly and grab a prize. I may have been the happiest prize winner there, to be honest. But what can I say? I really, really, REALLY never win at those kind of things. It was also gratifying for me to have a few cat calls thrown my way ("I'd like to get that") as I walked up to receive my prize. So what fun stuff was I bringing home to for my boy and I to enjoy? I got two god-awful DVDs, the DVD of Quantum of Solace (a movie I happen to like, so yay), and three porn DVDs. There was also some microwave popcorn (I don't have a microwave) and a few clothes pins. I immediately grabbed the clothes pins and pinched them on to my boy's nipples. He has nice big nipples, perfect for latching on to, and the wood sticking out from his vest looked incredibly hot.

I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my long-time readers, who works at a tattoo parlor in the area, and who I have been talking with for quite a while, but never managed to meet up with. He actually recognized me just by seeing me, which was pretty cool. Definitely hope to see him again real soon. Probably going to get him to repierce my nipples and maybe even do a tattoo. Plus, he was really cute and very nice. Yeah, yeah, Ace wants to look at a cute bear while getting pierced. I know. I'm a perv like that.

Finally after some drinks and some dancing, my boy and I had to leave to catch the subway back home. On the way to the apartment we stopped in at a Seven Eleven and bought some snacks, still in our leather gear, which was pretty fun. I don't think we even phased the clerk, but I know a couple of the college kids stared.

When we finally got back, we stripped off our leather to cool down from the walk and the heat of the apartment. I swiftly took joy in clamping my boy's nipples with the clothes pins again, three on each nipple. I had him gasping and squirming from the sensation. I flicked the wood as they stood up from his heaving chest. I blew cool air of them. I'd open them up and clamp them in the same spot, but at a different angle, sending a jolt of pain and pleasure through his whole body. He was panting and moaning from my attentions, and it was turning me on too much. I pulled out my cock and began to face fuck him, still playing with his nipples. He gagged and moaned around my dick and sent vibrations up my lower spine. His hands gripped my ass cheeks, pulling me in deeper even as he was gasping for breath. He was hungry for my cock and for my cum. He loves to eat my load, which is difficult because I usually can't cum from a blow job. So I jerked off into his mouth, filling it with a surprisingly large load. I never saw a drop of it as he slurped it all in, enjoying the taste and smiling up at me happily as he thanked me for it.

I rolled off of him and he cuddled up to me, his head on my chest. We fell asleep that night watching TV, just a Sir and his boy full of cum.


  1. Ace,

    Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the evening with Boy. Sounds like a great night at the bar!


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