Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Boy is Back

Some of my readers will already have heard the news, but today the boy who I had staying with me this past January is coming back to stay with me again. He arrives today and I am understandably excited to have him staying with me again. It has been more than lonely since he keft. He was more than just a hole to fuck whenever I needed it. He was someone cooking for me, someone sharing the day with me, someone to see the city with, and someone to hold while falling asleep. I have missed the times when he came up behind me while I was working on the computer and rubbed my shoulders. Every time I get home from work and he is not on the other side of the door, waiting for me, it is just a reminder of the happy times that he was there.

Sadly, I have to go to work today as well. Which means that on the first day I have my boy back with me, I have to be without him again. But I have made sure not to take any extra hours while he is here this tme. So even though he is not staying as long as last time, we will still be spending as much time together as possible.

I dont have too much time to post anything else than this update, as he is getting in early in the morning and I need to be ready to meet him. But I am sure that there will be plenty more to write about in the coming days. If it is at all possible, I may be more excited for him to get here than I was last time. Let's hope saying goodbye isn't worse this time.

But at least I won't have to worry about living alone forever. I've already got a roommate lined up for next year when I move. A roommate isn't anything like having a boy, but at least I won't be going entire days without seeing another human face anymore. That's mostly a joke. Anyway, I look forward to sharing some of the fun me and my boy have. I hope you all do as well.


  1. I most definitely do look forward to these forthcoming reports. And a solid 'Yippie!' for you both. ;-)

  2. I'm pleased you and boy are together again. Make the most of it. We'll be rooting for you.

  3. Ace,

    Glad to hear the boy is back. Hope you both have fun and hearing about all about it!