Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Thank you everyone for being so patient while I was going through my busy couple of weeks recently. I am happy to say that I've officially finished the semester and am happily getting ready for some extended time away from school and the stress that comes with it. As I haven't yet had a chance to blow off all the steam that I built up (and I might not get to for a little while longer), I figured I would give you a steamy story from my past bottoming days while I look for a hole or two to abuse in the meantime.

The first semester of my freshman year had just ended for me, all my finals were over. It was Tuesday. The earliest end to a finals week I was ever going to have. But I was stuck on campus until the weekend when I would be flying back home for break. My roommate was already gone, and so were most of my friends. I was ready to spend the week not doing much of anything, but watching TV and laying around in my cramped dorm room between meals got boring real fast. I felt cramped up and wanted to get away. I needed to get laid.

But I didn't just want to get fucked. I wanted to be totally used. I didn't want to be in control of the situation at all, and I didn't want to have to make choices. I was burned out on thinking and I just needed to let myself go. I was in the middle of my transition to being the top that I am today, and if I remember right, I was describing myself as a versatile at the time. But on campus I wasn't able to get the kind of attentions I wanted. With the guys I had been hooking up with, even if I bottomed, it was more like topping from the bottom than anything else. I was using my status as bottom to control the sex, and I was pretty good at it. That, however, is a story for another post.

When I realized that I needed to be pounded good, I knew the perfect couple to contact. We had talked a few times before, but nothing had ever come together. I hadn't seen them online until near the end of the semester, and my workload and responsibilities on the swim team kept me from being able to meet up with them. But now I was open and had plenty of time to meet up with them.

They were both younger, one in his late twenties and the other in his early thirties. And much more importantly, they were both aggressive tops. They wanted me to come out to their place where they had a sort of play area set up in the garage. There, I could be bound and used for however long they wanted me, and they both promised to use me good.

It didn't take much more than that to get me in my car one morning and driving out to where they lived. The drive was kind of a long one, but in the Midwest you get used to that kind of thing. Before I left I put a medium sized butt plug in my ass to open me up for them and after sitting on it in the car for almost an hour, I was ready to take it out. Or move it around. Or do something besides just sit on it and feel the bottom fit oddly into my crack. Standing up when I got out of the car helped a bit, but I've never felt totally comfortable walking with something in my ass.

I walked into the open garage and met one of the two guys, the older one, and he directed me to the back area where there was a mattress covered by a PVC sheet and a cardboard box with some toys inside. He closed the door to the garage and told me to undress. He told me that his partner was running an errand and would be back soon, but for the moment it was just the two of us. He stayed clothed as I stripped for him and when he saw the plug in my ass he smiled.

"Been getting ready for us?"

"Yes, sir." The words come out of my mouth easily, much more easily than I expected they would after a semester's worth of mostly vanilla sex. I was slipping into the submissive mindset and letting myself go. Exactly what I wanted to do.

"Take it out. You don't need it anymore."

I complied and felt my ass gape a bit as the plug came out. It didn't have long to feel empty, though, because shortly after that I was kneeling on the ground sucking on his cock through his fly. Once it was hard enough, he had me lie on my stomach on the mattress while he fingered my hole. I had only been there for about twenty minutes or so when he started fucking me, and he was still fully clothed except for where his cock was sticking out of his jeans. I grunted as his zipper scraped me and he bucked into me, seemingly without rhythm. I remember wondering if he was already that close to shooting his load, but he went on like that for a while. A total mix of fast and slow, deep and shallow.

I didn't have any choice in the position. I was happy I had opened my hole with the plug beforehand because he came at me from a lot of different angles. I was face down one minute and the having my legs pressed to my chest the next. He never gave any indication when he was changing things up, he would just pull out, grab me, and move me.

After a while we were both drenched in sweat and grunting like animals. He finally started to pick up his pace and really pound my hole to the point where it hurt a bit. Then he was pressing against me hard and shooting his load in my ass. I felt the flood of it and moaned with him, enjoying his release. As soon as he finished, he pulled out of me and grabbed my arms and cuffed them behind me. "Just so you can't play with yourself," he said.

He then got up and walked into the house, leaving me lying on the mat, cum seeping out of my hole. He told me that he or his partner would be in for another round soon and that I was to only think about how to best serve them. I don't think he was gone very long before my mind started to wander to how uncomfortable I was, and I tried to shift around on the mattress to get more comfortable. I was happy when I heard a car pull up and the door opening. The second guy had arrived and it was time for more sex. I had begun to wonder if I had driven all this way to be ignored.

The second, younger guy nudged me with his foot to have me roll over for him and show him my whole body before he took off his clothes. He allowed me to look at him for a short amount of time before he blindfolded me and then had me face down with my hips in the air. He fingered my hole for a while, which was still wet from the first guy. Then he began to spank my ass. Not enough to really hurt me, but enough that I knew it would be red for a while. Then, with little ceremony, he began to fuck me.

I enjoyed the second guy fucking me a lot more than the first. His pace was more regular and he was making me feel great with each stroke in and out. I was moaning because I couldn't do anything but moan. After a while the first guy came back in to watch. He would encourage his partner to fuck me harder, to slap my ass. He would call me names and tell me that I was being a good little whore for them. Then he uncuffed my hands from behind me and recuffed them in front so I could balance on them while he fucked my face for a while.

I was lost in a piggy heaven. I could hear the two men grunting to each other, but I wasn't listening to a thing they said. All I paid attention to were the two cocks working me over. That was what I had come here for. I wanted to be used. I wanted these men to treat me like their own personal jerk off tool. I didn't want to have to think for myself and I didn't want to have to act. And for a few blissful moments, I was in that state.

The guy fucking me came in my ass, and shortly after the other guy came in my mouth. When they were both spent and I was left lying on the mattress, exhausted from their efforts and enjoying their cum in both my holes, they took the blindfold off. For a moment I was just as blind as before in the light above me, but then I could see the two men who had just used me standing and leering down at me. They let me know with their faces that they weren't done with me yet.

They had me kneel in front of them on the covered mattress as the both stood and pissed on me. It was almost unexpected when it happened, and they both moved around to make sure I was soaked from head to foot before they finished. The younger guy was getting hard again so he stuck his cock in my mouth. I tasted my ass and his cum and piss on it as I went down on him. They both grabbed me and held me down while I choked and gagged on it.

He fucked my ass once more while I was still covered in their piss before they both left me in the garage to take showers. When they were both clean and dressed, I was finally allowed into their house to take a shower. They gave me something to drink and some money, which I hadn't expected, and then had me get dressed and leave, taking my butt plug with me in my coat pocket this time. When I got back to my dorm I could still feel their cum inside of me and smell their scent on me, and I knew I had been satiated for the time being.


  1. That sounded more fun then doing finals :-)

  2. Ace,

    Excellent way to end the semester. I would love to be used like that.


  3. Hot story Ace. Did you see them again?