Sunday, June 3, 2012

All Kinds of Moving

Please excuse my lack of posting recently, as I've been dealing with adjusting to having a new roommate and sharing the small space of my one bedroom apartment with him. We amazingly aren't clashing at all, even though his boxes are still piled up in the living room and kitchen, as we slowly work through them. We're going to be moving to a new apartment soon in a few months so we're having to decide what is worth unpacking and what we should just keep in boxes.

Probably the worst part is we both are the kind of people who hate packing in all forms. Packing, unpacking, whatever. So we're both a bit lazy about it and procrastinate. But chilling out has been good too. I'm happy to report that we're getting along very well. I've already briefed him on all the issues relating to my apartment, and we've gone over the fact that, due to the heat, I will most likely be nude or nearly-nude in the apartment at all times. Fortunately he's cool with that.

We've been bonding over good movies and bad, guys we'd both like to fuck, girls I'd like to fuck and he'd like to never see naked. That sort of thing. It helps that he is a genuinely nice guy too.

Part of me also can't believe that it has only been a week since my boy left. I hardly had time to adjust to being alone, so that probably helped me adjust to having a roommate. I also can't believe it is already June. Where did the time go?

Anyway, once I get some free time on my hands, I'll be back to posting my regular stuff. I'm just wiped from everything recently. One of those moments where you're so tired you find it hard to even think about sex.


  1. At least this will get you both time to see how it goes living together before moving to a new place.

    The pile of boxes reminds me when I moved into be deceased uncles place years ago and all my stuff will piled in the living room after my long distance move. I couldn't unpack until I went through all his closets, drawers, cabinets to clean them out to make room for my stuff.

  2. Ace,

    Glad to hear you two are getting along and that he is ok with you being nearly nude or nude.

    My roommate has been gone 2 of the 3 weeks I have lived there due to work and/or family trips planned. The 1 week we were both there was good and am glad that he got back tonight while I was at work. I will see him in the morning when I get home and before heading to bed for sleep. It is amazing how I have lived alone most of my life and how I have missed having him around to talk to and spend time with.


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