Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blindfolded Birthday Boy

I climbed the steps to the third floor after he buzzed me in, quickly finding the right apartment. I knew I didn't have much time, he had told me that online. But he had wanted to save me for last this day, and since I only live a block away, I could get there and be gone quickly. We had talked earlier in the day, and he had told me that he was lining up guys to come fuck him anonymously one after the other. he would be blindfolded on the bed with his ass in the air. It had been weeks upon weeks since I last had sex, so I was game even wirh the tight schedule. I knew that once I got in his hole it probably wouldn't take very long at all.

When I got to his door, it was cracked open like he said it would be. It was also covered in birthday signs and ribbons and other crap you get cheap at a drug store. So we have a birthday boy, I thought. I decided that since he had saved me for last, I would make sure I was the best. I brushed aside the ribbons and doodads to make my way in, and I shut the door a little loudly to let him know I was here so he could get ready. I figured I'd give him the benefit of a few seconds since he had just buzzed me in moments ago.

As I made my way through the apartment, looking for the bedroom, which was actually kind of hard to find, my cock, which had been throbbing uncomfortably the entire walk over, began to really beg for release from my shorts. It was almost painful. But soon I rounded a corner and saw him on the bed. His face was covered, his ass was in the air, perfectly framed by the straps of a soft cotton jock. Beside the bed was a whole host of sexual aids. Poppers, lube, toys, you name it, he had it sitting on the bedside table.

By the time I took off my flipflops, zip hoodie, and shorts, standing there in just my leather cock strap, my erection was standing straight out, pointing at exactly where it wanted to go. I stuck my fingers in his waiting, lubed hole and we both moaned at the same time. There was a palpable feeling of anticipation in the air. We both wanted it really bad. And with just a little prep I was reading to push in and fuck him.

Even though I was the sixth guy to fuck him, and he had been lubed up already, it still took a bit of effort to get my cock in him. And once the head popped in, quickly followed by my shaft, his ass clamped tight and felt as though I had just opened him myself. I took a moment to be silently amazed at how tight he was, wondering if I was really the biggest guy he had taken that day or if he was just naturally that tight.

But soon none of that mattered to me anymore.

He made little movements under me, shudders and twitches, while moaning. I, on the other hand, was thrusting violently, almost angrily into his hole. I would press down on him on moment, then be up, hand on his waist, pushing in as deeply as possible the next. It may have been his birthday, but in that moment my only concern was my pleasure. He was a blindfolded tool to that end. An ass that was wise enough to assist me in breaking the dry streak I had been in. I was aggressive and he responded by being passive, only crying out and huffing poppers, never asking me to stop or pull out or take a break.

Almost too soon I felt my orgasm building. I started moaning loudly, the loudest I had been since I shut the door. He had a hand back, cupping my balls, and he knew I was getting close. Between grunts and pants he urged me on. "Yeah...shoot your load..." I didn't need his permission and I didn't need him to tell me. I was already too far gone, riding the waves of my orgasm and my cock throbbed and let loose.

I stayed on top of him for a moment after, still pumping away at his hole. I was milking the last little bit of cum out of my body. But I was also wishing I had the whole day to really fuck this boy good. I wanted to use that ass until it spread open like a flower for my cock. Instead I pulled out and took a long last look at him. Just a blindfolded boy with his ass in the air, now happier with his sixth cock.

It didn't take me long to get back to my apartment, and the first thing I did before cleaning the stickiness off my cock was get online and send him a message. "That was great. We should do it again when I have more time to use you properly."

Before he left for whatever birthday plans he had, he replied, "Yes, please!"


  1. Sounds hot. I wonder if Hallmark has a happy 6th fuck of the day birthday

  2. Nice Ace, you needed that. Feels good to just let go anonymously.

  3. Damn I love a good anonymous pump-n-dump! Thanks for the raging hardon you just gave me, and I'm very glad to see a break in the dry spell!

  4. Ace,

    Fucking HOT...I bet he loved your cock and cum for his birthday!

    I would love to have you on my birthday or any other day....and I would have sucked your cock clean before you left.


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