Monday, July 16, 2012

Taking Notes

"Oh, man, I have to get my dick up that ass," he said.
I might have been inside Paul's house all of five seconds when he said it, but I doubt it. I still had my book bag over my shoulder and spring mud on my boots and I was a little startled by his voice. I had come to expect strange men greeting me at Paul's house, but the bluntness and force of this man startled me a bit. Most of Paul's friends were more subdued and calm with me. At least the one's I had met so far. At halfway through my fourteenth year, I was feeling a little cocky about sex, and I was feeling good about the effect I had on men.
But this aggression, this was new. It wasn't just the normal sexually burst of aggressive heat I was used to from some of the men who fucked me. This guy wasn't only aggressive when he was pounding my ass. It was a constant for him. He even seemed to slightly overpower Paul, though I could tell that was just appearances. Paul was still in control, but he was letting this wild man be wild.
He came up to me and grabbed my ass in both his hands, and even at my tall height for my age, I still felt totally intimidated by him. Even now, as I recall that day, it seems as though he towered over me, and that I had to crane my neck to see him. It wasn't the case, of course. He simply had an incredible presence, a confidence and swagger that dwarfed me. It would take me years to develop anything like that confidence, and to this day it is not the same as this man.
"You better get in that room and get naked for me, boy, or else I'm going to have to fuck you through your clothes." I remember that line vividly. I've used it myself recently.
With just one look at Paul, who nodded to show it was OK, I walked into the bedroom and tossed my bag to the floor. And then I started undressing for this man I had barely even met.
There were a few items from Paul's toy chest on the bed, but I didn't pay them much attention. I was used to most of them at this point; the nipple clamps, the cuffs, the
leg spreader. The only one that gave me the slightest pause was the red ball gag. I had never been gagged before, though I had seen them used in porn plenty of times, thanks to my father's large collection of BDSM. The thought that I might be wearing one that afternoon turned me on.
Once I was naked, the aggressive man came in and walked past me to the bed and grabbed the nipple clamps and cuffs. With little pause he spun me around and cuffed my arms behind my back. Then I was facing him and he was clamping my nipples tightly, sending a wave of painful pleasure through me like it always did.
"Kneel," he said, and I did.
His cock was hard and while not incredibly huge, it was still bigger than average. He didn't waste any time forcing it down my throat. At first my coughing and gagging worried me, but I soon realized that this man knew exactly what he was doing. I didn't know how, but he could tell exactly when I needed to come up for air, and gave me as much time to breathe as I needed, but not a moment more.
When his cock was dripping with my spit, he pushed me onto the bed, face down, with my legs over the side. He propped the open with the spreader bar. He leaned over me, pressing his whole body on top of mine. He pulled my head back and then brought the ball gag to my mouth. I stiffened for a moment, but then he caught me totally off guard. He kissed and licked my ear and bit gently at my neck. Just the right amount of sensuality to get me to relax as his buckled the gag behind my head.
He pulled back and aimed his cock at my hole. In a moment I realized that he was about to push into me with no lube my the spit I had left on his dick. I was afraid but it was too late and he was pushing into me. My hole resisted, but he never backed off. He kept pushing in until it sprung open. My whole body jumped and I cried put into the gag. He held still for just a moment as I heaved in and out. My hole throbbed, but I knew I had taken bigger and I knew I could take him.
The moment he felt my hole start to loosen, he was pumping me. He took it easy at first, but kept bumping right against my threshold, pushing my line constantly. And somehow I wanted it. I wanted him to keep pushing me so I would be better. Something in the way he held me and enveloped me with his body spoke of experience and control. And I knew then that this was not just a wild man fucking me. This was an amazing lover.
He unloaded his sperm into me multiple times without stopping. He worked my hole over more than it had ever been before. And when he was spent and I was weak all over, he bent down to lick my leaking hole. His tongue was soothing and cool and as he unlocked me I felt every ache in my body creaking except where that coolness was.
I spent some time on Paul's bed after that. I was getting my strength back, but also thinking a lot about this wild man who had been totally in control all along. He had been confident, but not cocky. He had been sure, and he had been right. And the thought hit me that day: I want to be like him.
I spent some more time replaying the session in my head, focusing on how well he had known my responses and needs. How he had know just when to pull his cock from my sore throat and when to fuck my ass just a bit harder. I want to be able to do that.
I cleaned up a bit and joined Paul in the living room.
"When can I see him again?"


  1. Very erotic and I'm sure scary for the age you were.

    1. Honestly, I only remember being afraid a few times. He was so in control of the situation that I felt safe, if not comfortable. It helped that I knew Paul was in the other room.


  2. That was a pretty amazing mix of fear and excitement, Ace. I'm glad it was good for you. A lot of people in the identical circumstance would not have had the same experience. I think what you took from that reflects your inner strength, more than it does the actual events.

  3. Ace,

    Very HOT.... You can be like that with me.


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