Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just One Finger

Sometimes having sex with the same person can get a little old. That's not to say it gets worse or boring, just that you both figure out pretty much what the other one wants, and what you aren't exactly going through the motions, you don't have that sense of discovery that you had the first few times you fuck around. That's why I haven't talked too much about my fuck buddy since the first few times we got together. It isn't that the sex is bad between the two of us, just that sex has become only part of our relationship. We do a lot of other things guy friends do (like watch movies and TV or go to baseball games), but often times before or after we have sex. Though even that isn't a given. It is nice and it is the first time in a while I've had someone to share a simple-yet-complex relationship with, who also happens to live close by.

But the sex has not been new or spectacular. In fact, except one incident two Sundays ago where he shot a load of cum right into my eye, each time has been relatively the same. As an aside: it has been quite some time since I got cum in my eye and I had forgotten how badly that burns. OUCH! In any case, I had resigned myself to not writing about my fuck buddy, lest I bore my readers to tears with the same story every week. But then, this past Sunday, he surprised me.

We were rolling on his bed as we usually do, playfully enjoying taking each other's clothes off. Sex with my fuck buddy is always playful. We are free to laugh and joke or pant and moan as the need arises. Sometimes one of us will say or do something particularly funny and it will cause us to break from the sex for a moment to laugh it out, only to collide again seconds later with renewed passion and need. We were making out with me slightly on top of him, and I was enjoying the play of our mouths. I have to say that, since we started hooking up, he has become much better at kissing. He was an OK kisser the first few times, but now he has the skill and technique to make me really enjoy making out with him.

It was around that time that I felt his finger start to creep back behind my balls. Now, I never discourage a little ass play with my partners, even if I mostly restrict it to the non-penetrating kind, so I repositioned myself so that he could get better access. He began chewing on my nipples, which had my rock hard in moments, enjoying the pain that was sending little sparks through my body. Then I felt his finger pressing against my hole. He wasn't being forceful, but there was a definite pressure to it.

In what felt like an hour long pause but was likely just a split second, I decided to let him keep pushing against my hole, as the pushing itself felt very good. And I trusted him enough to know that he would stop if things went too far for me. Sensing my acceptance, he began a rapid fire push-push-push technique, basically turning my hole into a button that when pressed caused me to moan and shudder. I could feel each press directly on my prostate.

As I probably should have expected, his quick pressing eventually resulted in my hole opening just slightly for his finger. He took that opening and pushed right on through. The unexpected penetration made me throw my head back, catching my own reflection in the mirror on his headboard. I was all open mouthed moaning with my hair and golden mane, watching my body shudder as he moved around inside of it. I didn't know what to think, I was lost in the sensation. I held my own gaze in the mirror, like a trembling Narcissus, and cried out as he went further and further inside of me.

All too soon...or soon enough, I don't know, I still was outside my own mind, he pulled his finger out and rolled me on my back, throwing my legs up and sticking his tongue deep inside of my where his finger had just been. His mouth felt so good on my recently abused hole. I pulled my legs as far back as they could go and spread my ass wide for him. He lifted up slightly and took my raging cock into his mouth and tried to stick his finger inside me again, but a sharp pain caused me to pull back. "Don't," I said, "I think it is a little sore." I suspect now that it was because he had pushed through with no lube. Not even spit.

After that we finished off the way we usually do, and then playfully held each other before getting dressed and going to see a movie. Still, I was mildly impressed with myself. It had been a while since anything, anything at all, had been in my ass, and I had enjoyed it. I felt good for breaking from my comfort zone, and I enjoyed sharing this newness with my fuck buddy. I was all smiles for the rest of the night until he dropped me off at my apartment.


  1. Maybe the next get together may find you two (or at least him) doing a bit more exploring in that area.

    A little change can be good some times :-)

  2. Sounds like your new fuck buddy could be excellent at rimming. Let him have a good taste of Ace Candy and enjoy the ride. rjd

  3. Lovely story! Sounded very enjoyable :)