Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where the Heck has Ace Been?!

Well, those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that today is my big moving day to get from one apartment to the next. Things have been VERY hectic for so many reasons leading up to this and I have to say I've just not had any time or energy this past week to do any blogging or really anything of any kind that had nothing to do with packing or working or any of the other stresses that have been hitting me left, right, and center.

Let's just say that this moving day has had an even more stressful build-up than last year. Or at least an equally stressful one. Seems like I can't move without roommate problems, money problems, people dying (another person I've known since I was a child died on Wednesday)...the list goes on.

Anyway, with any luck, I should be back up and blogging very shortly. There may be a small blackout period after this post while I get settled in, but nothing so dramatic as the week and a half I've been missing.

Please, everyone, enjoy your three day weekend, if you have one (it is Labor Day Weekend in America). If you don't, enjoy whatever time you have. And enjoy it with someone you love. This past week or so has really enforced in me the idea that we need to be with those we care about. And it has really made me think about where my life is going at this point.

It also has me pulling my hair out.

But that's enough of that. I'm going to log off now so I can pack up the cable equipment.



  1. You boy wishes he was there now but fortunately in just 2 months i will be.

  2. Ace,

    Hope the move went well. Completely understand about the stress and hope the stress is gone soon.


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