Friday, April 27, 2012

Perils of Exhaustion

First of all, I'd like to thank all my readers for sticking with me while I am yet again sucked in to work and school a bit too heavily to keep a consistent schedule for updating my blog. As I've mentioned before, this week I have a lot of extra hours at work covering for a coworker on vacation (hey, when's my vacation?) and next week is finals week this semester, so I've been busy. On top of that my phone glitched up and I had to do a total reset early this week which was not fun, and my left nipple ring finally fell out after a rather quick migration. I've been online less and sleeping less, and it is definitely getting to me.

Benny and I had only been talking online for a little while, but we've already connected about so many things that there is little doubt in my mind that we'll be good friends for some time to come. Whether that friendship would have benefits or not, I was not sure. He's a great guy, but he is looking for a lot more stability than just a fuck buddy, at least that's what I had been gathering. When I meet guys like that, I usually try to avoid too much interaction so as to keep things casual. Just because he's a great guy, doesn't mean I want to play him. And when I say that he is a great guy, I really mean it.

The first time we officially met up (we had tried to meet up earlier but stupidly made the attempt the night after the Boston Marathon) he picked me up at the bus station after I returned from a trip up north and drove me back to my apartment, saving me a lot of time on public transportation. We stopped in at one of the thousands of Dunkin Donuts in the city and had some donuts and coffee and talked a lot, getting to know each other.

The second time we met up he was picking me up after a very long day at work this week, once again saving me some commute time, and really making it clear that he was a great friend. In fact, out of all the friends I have in the city with cars (which, granted, are not many) he is the only one who has ever picked me up at work. It was incredibly nice of him, and really made me feel great. So great that I gave him a huge hug when we got to my apartment.

Then that huge hug turned into a kiss. That kiss kept going and going. And going. And finally I heard myself asking him if he would like to come inside. I was surprised at myself, having already decided that I was going to keep things friendly with Benny and not push things with him. But the next thing I knew we were on my couch cuddling and watching a TV show on DVD. He was so comfortable, and it had been a while since I held someone like that. I wasn't thinking and I didn't stop there. I kept taking more of my clothes off and his as well.

"When you picked me up today," I said as I unbuckled his belt, "I didn't expect to be undressing you on my couch."

"It's OK," he said to me.

"I'm sorry," I said, though I wasn't sure if he had any idea who or what I was apologizing about.

"Am I asking you to stop?"

Soon we were naked on my couch. My long hard cock rubbing against his short, thick, pierced one. His left nipple was pierced and my right one was the only one I had left, so they clicked against each other and I ground myself on top of him. I kept apologizing every so often, though after a while even I wasn't sure why I was doing it. I just didn't know what else to say, and my words got quieter and softer as he kept kissing them off my lips.

Neither of us were ready to do much of anything that night, and I still needed to cook and eat my dinner after he left, so I grabbed a bottle of Spunk lube and we started jerking each other off. He was lying there on the couch, weighing all of 130lbs wet, the ring on his cock shining at me. It was a great thing to look at. I was hot and so was he. I was throbbing and he was thrusting, close to shooting.

His cum shot up and came right back down, landing in his pubes in thick globs. I wasn't sure why, but I felt my own orgasm getting farther and farther away as he continued jacking me. I grabbed some more lube and began jerking my own cock, but it was no use. I was barely half hard anymore and was softening quick. I gave him one last embarrassed apology before helping him clean up.

He was very kind about my inability to cum, but it bothered me. Why did I have a problem? I hadn't jerked off at all that day. When he left my cock and balls were aching a bit. Was it because he had been too rough on me? I wasn't sure. Usually I can take a bit of rough play and I hadn't noticed it while we were together. It wasn't because he was unattractive. Sure, he was missing a few teeth and he smelled like cigarettes, but I don't have any big issue with those things. Plus, the rest of him was hot enough and his personality was great enough to more than make up for it.

Then it hit me. I was exhausted. I was dead tired, and it had taken a toll on my sex drive. I hadn't eaten since  my lunch break and it was after ten already that night. I needed to eat and get to bed. Sex was the furthest thing from my needs. I was embarrassed, but I was also aware that it was just a symptom of my tiredness. I wasn't dealing with impotence, I was dealing with sleep deprivation. I knew then more than before that it was going to be a long week for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Nipple Ring

I know I usually do a Formspring post on Sunday mornings, but I'm going to be skipping it again to talk about something else going on in my life instead. First, though, I want to say that posting might be a bit sporadic again as this next week I have a lot of extra hours at work (another coworker going on vacation that I'm covering) and then the week after is finals week for me. Needless to say, things are going to be a bit busy and frantic at the Ace residence, and I might be going a bit crazy too, but I'm hoping that when all is said and done I can take some well deserved and much needed time off to relax and get back to sleeping regularly again. We can hope, at least.

The second thing I want to talk about is a little depressing for me (and some of you may already know about it). Unfortunately the nipple ring I have in my left nipple has migrated. Well, not just migrated, but it has almost totally rejected from my body. Currently it looks like it is hanging on by just a tiny bit of dead skin at the bottom of my nipple. I know that sounds gross and a bit painful, but it was actually so painless that I didn't even know it was happening. I sort of knew it was moving for a bit, but I didn't expect it to move so far, and I certainly didn't feel it happening. I'm sure it was a rather long process, but it does feel like it is a bit sudden to be so close to falling out.

I've been talking about it with one of my readers who works at a tattoo and piercing shop, and he's been making me feel a lot less panicky about the whole situation. At first I wasn't sure if there was going to be any permanent damage (you can hear so many horror stories just be googling "piercing migration" or "piercing rejection" and I got a little freaked out). Fortunately it is coming out underneath, so there shouldn't be any real problems. In any case, it is irreversible and there's not really any way to stop it. Not when it is this far along at least.

I am a little depressed about this, of course, because I've had both my nipples pierced for about two and a half years now, and suddenly one of them is falling out and will need to be replaced at some point. Which means at some point I'll be going through that same pain (mixed with pleasure again, I'm sure) and that same long healing process. And just get to hope that it doesn't reject again. I don't know. I'm thinking about piercing a different spot on my body instead. A place I've thought about piercing for a while now, but haven't had a chance to.

Of course, I also have my next two tattoos picked out...I guess I have a lot of body modifying to do in the future...

Anyway, enough of my gross body issues. I'm going back to studying and working on homework. I'll leave you all to have a fun Sunday and hopefully a great week.

Friday, April 20, 2012


He was running late and I was running early, and the night wasn't exactly warm. I stood grumpily inside the subway station for a bit, wondering if I had time to wander into any of the stores or shops nearby to get some food or drink to have while I waited. But I wasn't sure how late he was actually running, so I figured it would be better to be ready. I didn't really need to eat, I was just bored.

I finally got the text that he was pulling up and walked across the street to where we had agreed to meet and leaned against a wall to wait. He wasn't as close as he had said, I waited a few more minutes while other cars pulled up and dropped people off or picked people up. At least he hadn't picked for us to meet somewhere that would be conspicuous.

When he finally pulled up, I got into the car with him. He quickly pulled out a roll of twenties and peeled some off, which I counted really quickly before tucking them away. It was only half the amount we'd agreed upon. I would get the other half when I left at the end of the night. I'd been playing the professional with him up until now, but I let out a "Thank you," as I put the money away, and I could tell that he is happy to hear it. He was in just a sweatshirt and sweat pants and looked very tired to me. He sounded tired too, when he spoke.

"We just have to keep this quite for my roommate," he told me, "I don't want him to know that I'm paying."

"No problem," I replied. I hadn't planned on blabbing about it anyway. "Do I need to be quiet so he doesn't know what we're doing?"

"No, he'll be busy doing other things."

When we got into his apartment I could tell that his roommate wasn't expecting a guy to come through the door with him. I partly wondered if it was because of his looks. He was a little overweight (but really not that bad at all) and older, balding. Shorter than me. But his looks didn't matter to me at all, not that I was going to get to see him naked anyway. He was paying to simply service me orally. He wanted to suck me off, lick my balls, and tongue my hole. Nothing else, and nothing that would require him to be naked. I did get to see a bit of his flesh when we compared nipple piercings early on, but that was the most I saw.

We made a quick line for his bedroom, he didn't even stop to say anything to his roommate. When we got in his room there was classical music already playing, and he put a porn DVD on his TV. I looked down and saw the DVD was "Bone Deep" from Treasure Island Media, one I'd not seen before. He turned the volume down a bit, saying, "They can moan kind of loudly in this one, and it gets a bit annoying." I just smiled and stripped down to the tight lycra top I was wearing over my jeans and sat on his bed.

He started feeling me up, acting like he was going to take his time, which is what I expected. But soon he had me stripped down to just my Nasty Pig jock and his mouth was kissing around my inner thighs. I was able to just lay back and let him do what he wanted to me, a position that was actually a little uncomfortable for me. It had been a long time since I wasn't the dominant partner, or at least an active participant. I'm not used to being passive and letting things happen. But the discomfort was almost enjoyable, I felt a rush as I threw my arms above my head and let him strip my jock off. It wasn't just passivity, it was idolatry. He was worshiping me with his mouth.

He would have me shift position for him every so often, and my levels of passivity would shift with each new position, but I never took a totally active role. There were times where I was fucking his mouth, but that would soon shift to him eating my ass and I was back to being passive. The mixture of moaning men from the porn and classical music from the speakers and the shifting light from the TV made the whole experience feel wild and new, like my senses didn't quite know which would be bombarded next. I was having a great time.

Then the room went dark, a signal that the scene on the DVD was changing. I happened to glance over at the screen and notice that I recognized one of the men in it as someone I have been talking to in emails recently. I began to watch the screen a bit more often, taking glances when I could to see this sexy man bottoming while I was getting pleasured. I could hear the top's orgasm coming, and felt my own following along in time. Shortly after the top shot his load, I felt my own release, giving the man servicing me little warning.

After I came I moved down near the man on his bed and let him hold me for a while, figuring that I would be leaving soon as he was looking as tired as I felt. But the scene on the TV was still running, and I couldn't help but notice that my cock had not gone down. Neither could the man, and he resumed servicing me, a quick second time that neither of us started but both of us knew I needed. Once again I came right as the top on the TV came, and the second time was just as enjoyable as the first.

It was getting late and I was putting my clothes on, getting ready to be dropped off at the same spot I'd been picked up. He handed me the rest of my money and we walked quickly out of his apartment. He stopped to say he'd be back soon to his roommate but then we were out the door. "That's the trouble with rooming with your ex," he said quietly as we walked to his car.

"Oh, he's your ex?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah, I bought the place with him while we were dating. Wish I hadn't."

"I'm sorry." It was the only thing I could think to say. "Are you going to get crap for having me over?"

"No, he has his boyfriend over for weeks at a time."

"Oh. And you're still living together?" Now that he was talking about it, I wanted to learn more. It was strange, but I almost felt like this was part of what I'd come here for. Part of what he'd paid me for.

I found out that he'd been living with his ex there for fourteen years and that they had broken up eight months into those fourteen years. I was shocked, and a little sad for him. I kept saying, "I'm sorry," but it didn't feel like enough. When he pulled up to where I was getting out, I gripped his thigh in my hand, looked him in the eye, gave a smile, and said, "Thank you. For everything." Then I got out and walked away. It was the best I could do for him, and I think it helped.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Easter Part 3: Open Wide

This is the final post in my series about last Easter. Managed to get it written up before a full year had gone by, even though I meant to write it up last June. I'm just going to say, "Whoops, I forgot," and move into it.

The lawyer showed up at my apartment, acting a bit skittish, which was normal for him. He was very, very in the closet for someone who travels around looking for sex. We never could play at his place because he thought the walls were too thin and people would know. I didn't see any problem with that, but he sure did, and there were enough ultra conservative people on our campus that I respected his wishes in that regard. Still, it seemed to me a bit strange to be worried about people seeing us the day before Easter when the campus was dead quiet. The people who were still around like me were either holed up and sleeping or off trying to find something interesting to do with their four day weekend. Like I had been finding interesting things to do with my weekend.

We hopped in my car, even though I kind of wished he was driving to save me gas, and I drove us out to the house of the skinny top I'd hooked up with the day before. He was a little nervous, but I told him the guy was great and that I'd had fun. He loosened up on the ride over and by the time we got to the house (which I accidentally overshot and had to circle around to) he was relaxed and eager to have fun.

The three of us sat in the skinny top's living room for a bit and talked. He told us about himself a bit and we shared some too. He told us about how he and a group of guys were getting together the next day for an Easter dinner for guys who didn't have families to have Easter with. He said they do it for all the major holidays. It was kind of touching in a way, and honestly it is a moment I remember vividly from that day. I had already made plans with a friend, so I declined, but I loved the idea. It makes sense that these men would join together for holidays and make their own family. I can only hope that, if I'm ever in a similar situation, alone, no family, on a holiday, that I will be able to find some people to join with. Camaraderie can be really important.

Of course, that's not all that happened that day. Soon we were in the bedroom on the large bed again, the three of us. Naked. The lawyer carefully folding his clothes and piling them on his shoes. I almost laughed at how careful he was, but I couldn't. Not when I was busy watching him make out with the skinny top and jerking my dick to hardness.

The three of us rolled around on the bed together, swapping dicks and mouths, trying to suck and kiss whatever was offered up to us. For a while it was a real free-for-all with no one really taking charge. It was really fun, just grabbing and going for what I could, taking a break when I needed to, then jumping back in the fray. There was something playful, almost child-like about the way we explored each other. Like kids running around to a made-up game, making up new rules as we went. It was fun.

Soon enough, though, I was lubing my cock up to pry open the lawyer's hole, and this time there was nothing inside, he was clean and ready to go. After a bit of pounding from me, coupled with some spanking that he enjoyed, I switched out and the skinny top took his turn. It was fun to watch the two of them go at it. They were putting on a show for me too, I could tell. Even with the lawyer spit-roasted between us, it was clear that they were putting on a show for me to watch. The skinny top proved very good at moving the lawyer around on top of the bed, rolling him to different angles to open him up more. By the time it was my turn to fuck again, he was wide and ready to go.

"I want you to double fuck me," he said to us.

"Have you ever done that before?" He hadn't, so both the skinny top and I made sure to work him open some more before we declared him ready. I even worked his hole open with my fingers, loosening it up by getting as many in him as I could before we started.

The skinny top got on bottom, which seemed a bit counter intuitive to me at the time, since all our weight was going to be piled on this small man's bones, but I let him make the choice. The lawyer sat down on his cock, taking it all in. Then I pulled up behind and pressed in, only to meet a lot of resistance. I asked him if he still wanted to do it, and he said yes. So instead of my dick, I started sticking my fingers in alongside the skinny top's cock. To my surprise, the muscles started to loosen quickly and I was able to position again and start fucking my way in. It took a while and some work, but in the end we had two cocks inside of one very happy and energetic bottom.

It didn't last for too long though. We couldn't hold the position and the lawyer started to hurt a bit, so we both pulled out and went back to double teaming him for the finish. It took the skinny top a while to cum, and he never managed it while fucking. But my mouth was eventually able to get him off. When we were finished, we lay together on that bed, cuddling. The skinny top between us two. It was kind of funny, because between the two of us, we were easily double the size of him.

After a while of relaxing and washing off (the lawyer did his cleaning up in private, but that wasn't very surprising. Once we were all cleaned up, I drove us back to campus and back to my apartment where the lawyer came up with me. We talked a bit about what had happened, how he was feeling, whether he liked it or not. Then we talked a bit about the upcoming graduation for me and his bar exams. We both had a lot on our plates coming up and it was a bit stressful to even think about it. I wanted to find a way to steer the conversation a different way, but wasn't sure how.

He knew, though. He said to me, "I'm ready to go again, if you are." And I bent him over my couch and fucked him relentlessly one last time before sending him on his way. After that I needed to rest. It had certainly been a long Easter weekend for me.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Year Later

I'm not doing a regular blog post today (I know that means that I've left you hanging on the finish of last year's Easter, but I'll post that next). Instead I'm dedicating this post to the one year anniversary of when I drove north into Michigan to meet up with The Breeder, a man who I had only known through his BBRT profile and the few posts of his blog I allowed myself to read in anticipation. It had been two and a half years since I had bottomed for a man and I was feeling the itch to flip. I had found him on BBRT and decided he was the one I wanted to reopen me. I didn't know that from that choice I was opening myself to meeting a spectacular lover, a close friend, and a mentor. He and I still talk regularly and yes, I can still vividly remember that night.

You can find my posts about that night (and the second time we met up) under my Rob the Breeder tag. But if you would like to read his beautiful telling of that night, then I encourage you to check out his post titled Someone's Poem.

If it were not for the Breeder, I might not have had the courage to start my own blog, or to post pictures of myself online like I do. I really owe a lot (a lot more, in fact) to him. And I want this blog post to be a memorial to that.

Thanks, everyone, for indulging me.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Formspring and the Almost Fight

Well, it is Boston Marathon Weekend around here and I can see why all my Boston friends have been telling me this weekend sucks: It does. Big time. Not only are there a lot of runners around who, frankly, feel like they kind of own the place, but the people who come just to watch can be even more stuck up. And worse: they aren't worried about getting drunk before the run. It is just a big party to them. Add to the equation that there was a Red Sox game last night, one of the first of the season of home games, and there were a lot of drunks and crazies and crazy-drunks out last night

So of course I had to run into some while I was trying to have a peaceful evening unwinding. I had been working all day, covering for a coworker, and dealing with the tourists and the regular local entitled people and not having a fun time. I had even had to stay a bit late, which I didn't want to do. So I thought a little dinner and a movie was in store. Dinner went fairly well, without a hitch. I had to avoid some drunks on the street on my way to the movie, but that was fine. I was by myself and having fun. And the movie really helped me relax.

Then, as I was walking out of the screening room, still in the theater, some guy decides to pick a fight with me. He was with his girlfriend and another guy (who might also have had a girlfriend, I'm not sure), and apparently decided he needed to show his macho side. Probably screamed like a girl in the movie and had to make up for it or something. Anyway, as I'm walking, he says very loudly from behind me, "Who brings a BACKPACK to the movies?" as if it is the most ridiculous thing ever. The guy and girl chuckled a bit, and it took me a moment to realize he was talking about me. I was wearing a sidebag, not a backpack.

But he didn't stop there. "Why the fuck does he need that? He must be a stoner. What, is he bringing BOOKS to a movie?" I'm not sure how you get "stoner" from "backpack" or why having books with me would be a big deal, but he was making it one, and making it clear that he wasn't letting it go.

I decided to turn around and say, "Actually, I came here right from my job where I make money to support myself through grad school. But don't worry, dumb people make that assumption about me all the time." It probably wasn't the smartest thing to say, but I didn't feel like letting him get away with his assumed dominence. He reacted, not unexpectedly, by coming at me, pushing his girlfriend aside (nice guy), and was stopped by his friend. I very calmly said, "I wouldn't do that. Getting an assault charge filed against you would really ruin your night." But I had my hand in my pocket, holding my keys so that they were between my fingers, like claws. I was basically ready to punch him with them if he came at me again. Fortunately he didn't, and I walked away unscathed. But damn, I was not happy.

But I did manage to get home without a problem, though there were more drunk and crazy people about. I just was tired of it. Needed to crash.

Anyway, enough of that story. Time for the weekly Formspring round-up. As always, if you have any questions for me, any at all, you can ask me at my Formspring page or send me an email. I know a few people have emailed me and I haven't gotten around to posting them yet. I'm kind of compiling them into one big post. At least that is the plan.

If you are a bottom, what is the oddest, weirdest object you have inserted or had inserted in your butt?

Back when I was younger and bottoming regularly, but didn't have the money or ability to buy toys, I was using one of those cases for holding toothbrushes when you travel as a makeshift dildo. I also used the end of a plunger.

What do You think about negative guys who want to become poz?

I do try to not judge other people, so while I understand someone would want that, I would also discourage the desire if someone told me about it. I don't see any reason being worth the medical problems, expensive drugs, blood tests, and all that other stuff you have to worry about. But, if someone really wants it, I'm probably not going to be able to talk them out of it. Though I will probably try.

What is one food you have never tried but have always wanted to?

Good question. I'm not really sure of a specific food, but I have always wanted to try something from Turkey or that area of the Mediterranean. I've had food that was supposedly Turkesh, but when it is made by a white college-age white chick in a small restaurant near Toledo, Ohio, you wonder how authentic it is.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go and why?

I do have this semi-planned trip around the world, hitting various places along the way. But if I had to pick just one place, I would pick India, because I have wanted to go there for so long. And if I have to pick lne area of India, then Goa beach. Such a beautiful place.

Have you ever been a bukkake recipient? Did you keep track of how many deposits were made?

Not for something so official as to be called a bukkake. But I have had multiple guys shoot their cum on me. I think I would enjoy something more official though. Would be fun to be covered in cum. And, of course, when I was in my slut bottom years, I was to recipient of multiple loads frequently. Just usually in my ass or mouth.

Have you ever been embarrassed going into a sex shop? How old were you the first time you patronized one? Did you buy anything?

I used to be embarrassed or at least a little nervous about going into sex shops. Now I don't care so much. The first time I went into one I was sixteen. Didn't buy anything that time, but I did suck a guy off.     

That's all for this week. Keep the questions coming and I'll keep answering them.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Easter Part 2: Two Tops

Once I got to my apartment, I took a quick shower and grabbed some quick food before it was once again time to head out for some sex. The man I was meeting up with was a fellow top I had been chatting with online for some time, and he and I both knew a bottom I wrote about back in July (I keep getting amazed how long I've put off writing about this weekend) in my post The Lawyer. I had already had sex with Brian The Lawyer, but my fellow top had not. The Saturday of Easter weekend, however, the three of us had a big afternoon planned with lots of fun, sex, and expanding horizons for Brian. But before then, the other top and I wanted to get together and have a little fun between ourselves.

When I got there I was first struck by how incredibly thin he was. He'd warned me that there wasn't much meat on his bones, but this guy was more than just lean, he looked like he'd just sprouted to his current height a few days before. I wondered to myself if there wasn't a chance he was sick or a user, but the pictures he had around the living room showed that he had been this skinny for a long time. I guess he just didn't eat or work out much. But the skinny thing didn't bother me for too long. He was a genuinely nice guy and was one of those older gays who have been in an area for a long time, if not their whole life, and are very welcoming of younger guys. I think if I had met him earlier in my time in Ohio, I would have graciously been taken under his wing. He reminded me of what had so attracted me to my mentor all those years before: the kind way he willingly opened himself to any questions, the way he wanted to be sure both Brian and I got exactly what we wanted and that we learned something in the process.

He asked me if I would like to join him in the shower, and even though I'd already taken one, I agreed. We had fun exploring our bodies and washing each other. I know some guys are very private in the shower, but I enjoy the playfulness of washing another off, especially before or after sex. He enjoyed playing with my nipple rings and I had a lot of fun seeing just how bone-y he was. His ass was almost non-existent, so it is a good thing he wasn't expecting me to top him then. It would have hurt me with every thrust. And of course, the most important bone of all, was quite impressive. For a skinny man, he certainly had girth where it counted. I was longer than him by a bit, but his was bigger around. I remember enjoying the weight of it in my hands, the way I seemed to want to curl my fingers around it every time I touched it. It was a handsome cock.

We moved into his bedroom and he put on some porn for us to watch. I can't remember what the movie was off the top of my head, but it was one of those industrial-themed ones where the scenes all take place in some warehouse and all the guys wear bits of leather and metal and are oiled up to look sweaty from work. It was actually kind of hot, but we didn't watch it for very long.

We rolled over each other on his large bed. It wasn't a fight for dominance like I know can happen between two tops. It was just two guys having fun and getting into as many interesting positions as possible. His oral technique was interesting, and I haven't come across it since. It was almost like he was able to make his tongue a constant throbbing wave over my shaft as he moved up and down. I went to town on him as well. His cock's thickness made deep throating him a challenge, but one I enjoyed attacking. I was able to do it (possibly thanks to The Breeder stretching my throat open just a week earlier), but I was gagging more than usual, something that I think he enjoyed.

He had a collection of cock straps that he showed off to me and let me try on, something that ultimately lead me to getting one of my own (he told me where to get them cheap). One he had me wear was the kind with a strap that goes between your balls and pushes them away from each other. I don't know why, but that one hurt me a lot. To the point where I basically had to rip it off before we could continue playing. Maybe my balls don't hang low enough, I don't know, but it hurt. He wore it fine, and gave me a different one that just cupped my balls, making it feel like they were being constantly held by a leather glove, which was amazing.

We both came a couple of times, but we didn't want to do too much, as we were both saving ourselves to fuck our bottom boy the next day. I remember his cum tasted strange. Not bad, necessarily, but like it was really watered down. There was just a hint of cum and it was a little disappointing.

After we came we took another shower and migrated back to the bed to hold each other and finish watching the porn. It was nice to huddle under the covers and hold each other, and for the second day in a row I found myself missing having a warm body to lie in bed with me. Not even for sex, necessarily, but just to hold and be held. Skin to skin. I like that feeling a lot, and I hadn't gotten a lot of it since breaking things off with my last steady guy.

All too soon I had to leave, but I was going to be back again the next day, bringing a fun bottom boy with me. And we had some hard play to get into.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Easter Part 1: Return of the Hernia Patient

Just a real quick update for those of you interested, I'm still struggling with my sleep schedule, though I am doing better these days. I'm at least getting more sleep, which is something I definitely need. Hoping I get off my wacky track soon so I can get everything else in my life in order. As it is, I know I'm way behind on emails, so I hope you'll all bare with me as I slowly fix that problem. Now, on to today's post:

It has been almost a year since I wrote about the Hernia Patient in my blog, but he did figure pretty nicely right at the beginning of my Easter break last year. My college only had a four day weekend for Easter, so there wasn't a ton of time to get up to anything, but I definitely wanted to make the most of the time off that I had, especially considering how things were starting to build up, what with graduation coming and all. This was also the weekend after I got fucked by The Breeder (you can read all my posts about him here). After The Breeder helped me scratch a two and a half year old bottoming itch, I was in high spirits and ready to fuck the entire world. So I set up a few meetings to take place over Easter break. The first of which was Thursday night.

For those who don't remember or didn't go back and read, this hot guy was plagued with a hernia, which made him a bit self conscious (he wouldn't take off his shirt) and he was scheduled to go into surgery for it shortly after our planned meeting. In fact, this was the last time we fucked, as his healing time lasted past when I had to go back east.

He was a sexy and sweaty fuck, and he was interested in me trying to work my whole hand into his ass. After I fucked him and worked him open by pounding him from all angles and lubing his ass with a few loads of my cum, I began to finger him and work him open. He was incredibly clean and his hole just spread wide to let my fingers in. I sawed into him, slowly adding more and more digits until I had all of them, even my thumb inside.

Every time I added a finger, he would groan and I would say, "That's another finger." Every time he was amazed. I don't know if he expected it to hurt or take longer or what, but he was very impressed with how quickly and easily his hole was eating my hand up. I was impressed too, though more because he had never been fisted before. I didn't know much about his solo anal play (I never saw any toys, so I don't know if he used them), and I was also the first person to fuck him in a while. So the fact that his ass was that loose was either a great compliment to me, or something else. I chose to believe the compliment.

"You've got all five of my fingers in your hole," I told him as I spanked his ass, leaving bright red marks around where his jock strap framed everything.

But even with a bit of coaxing and a lot of squishing of my fingers, he couldn't get past the knuckles. So I pulled my hand back a bit and pulled my thumb out. I replaced it with fingers from my other hand, still trying to work him open, still prying his hole apart. I could easily have all four fingers of one hand and two from the other in him. But still he couldn't get a whole hand. I wasn't hurting him, there was just a barrier, a certain amount of stretch that he couldn't get past.

Instead of pushing the issue and maybe causing a problem, I decided to finish off the night fucking him again. After I cam panting into the back of his neck, I rolled off him and he pulled the sheets over us. I was spending the night with him, something I had been a little unsure of. I hadn't spent the night with anyone besides my Romeo in quite some time. I didn't know what to expect or do. Should I cuddle? Should I spoon? Should I shy away to my side of the bed? In the end, he made up my mind for me, snoring lightly all the way over on one side of the bed. I got up a little earlier than I needed to the next day, leaving him still in bed, but awake. I said my goodbye and told him to keep in touch. As I got into my car the crisp spring morning was starting to warm up with the sun, and I felt rejuvenated from the exertions of the night before.

I drove off back to my apartment where I planned to take a quick shower before heading out again. After all, I had plans to meet with another man that afternoon for some fun play...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I'd be the one in just his undies.

Not going to do my usual Sunday post because I have family over and have to get ready to do the usual family Easter thing. At least, I think it is usual. I've spent the last four Easters alone on campus at college (or off having amazing three-way sex--a story for a different post), so I'm not really sure what is normal. I don't come from a traditionally religious family, so I've never done the church thing. And I'm not a Christian, so I'm not planning to start. In fact, I was at least in 6th or 7th grade when I learned that Easter had any religious symbolism at all. I thought it was just a time for candy and whatnot. Now, of course, I'm aware of the many different religions that celebrate on or near this time. For those of you who do have religious reasons to celebrate, please have a great, spiritual day.

I, personally, am going to struggle to get through the boring family crap. Will it work? Who knows. All I know is that I already kind of miss the years I was alone. At least then it was kind of a break. But for those of you who will be enjoying time with your family, please have a great day.

And for those of you who are spending the day alone, I hope you have a good one too. Eat some chocolate, watch some TV, or get outside if the weather is good. Spring is a time to enjoy yourself, so let's all make an effort to have some fun today!

Happy Easter, dear readers!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

I probably don't need to say this, but even with a sexual life as vast and experienced as mine, I still can be surprised by something new that no one has ever done for me before. And the surprise can heightened if I've not only never experienced it, but also never thought to ask for it or seek it out before. Usually this kind of surprise will be a small thing, something the person I'm with doesn't even think about when they do it. And that, in a way, makes it all the more enjoyable for me. Not only is this person giving me an experience I've never had before, but they do it as if it comes naturally. For me it may be a big deal, but for them, it is just something they want to do to make me feel good. Moments like that are so special to me. Moments when someone is so into me that they do everything possible to make me happy. It may sound selfish, but so often I'm the guy making others just feels nice to be on the other side.

He had warned me before we met up that he was short. Only about five feet tall. That didn't bother me so much, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect anyway. When it comes to height, I have no frame of reference. All people shorter than me seem the same height until we're up close, and all people taller than me are the same way. But I know people shorter than him and was confident I wouldn't have any problems.

He also told me he had huge balls, something I was very interested in seeing for myself.

We met at a cafe near where he lived. He was working on his computer as I walked in and we talked for a bit while he finished up some important thing he had to do. He was incredibly smart, funny, and friendly, and I caught myself really enjoying spending time just sitting across the table talking to him. To the point that when we both expressed how tired we were, I wasn't sure if we would end up hooking up, but I was totally happy with the evening anyway.

After a while he and I did leave the cafe and walked to where his car was, stopping only for a quick bite of real food on our way. When we got to his apartment he apologized for the mess. I looked around. Sure, some of the furniture was a bit old and none of it matched, and he had some books and papers scattered on tables; but nothing screamed messy to me. Hell, I laughed when he brought it up because I thought he was joking, but he was dead serious. But if that was messy, than I would love to see it clean. Must sparkle like in a commercial.

I sat on his couch and made small talk while he finished off the sandwich he had bought. Then he sat down beside me and we both got a bit comfortable, snuggling together and holding each other. He had told me that it had been a long time since he had last been held by another man, and I really wanted to make our time together memorable for him. I wanted his refresher on man sex to be the best he had ever had. If he wanted to be held, I was going to hold him and not stop touching him for a single moment.

The surprise came after I suggested he show me to his bed. As I was on top of him, trying to decide if I would keep kissing him or fake it (he wasn't a great kisser, not terrible, but didn't use his tongue at all) I felt his arms go around me. Then his fingers spread out. Then they started kneading my back. In moments I was moaning and panting like a puppy. He was making me melt and turn into a puddle of goo while I was on top of him. While I was having sex with him. That was something no one had ever done to me before. I've been massaged before sex, in between sessions, and after sex; but never while I was in the process of actually having sex. I didn't know what to make of it.

"No one has ever done this for me before," I panted on top of him.

"Really? This is just something I do with my hands. I like to massage."

"But no one has ever massaged me while I was fucking them."

He just smiled as if he were embarrassed, as if I had caught him doing something wrong. But there was nothing wrong with what his hands were doing to me as they danced along my back. It was as if a month's worth of stress and aggravation was being melted out of me. How could this man not have guys falling over backwards to get the benefit of those hands? But while I was the center of their attention, I wasn't thinking of other men. I was just happy that I had him and that he was mine to use and keep until I left.

And sadly I did have to leave. He dressed with me a dropped me off at the subway station so I wouldn't have to walk. Even though it was late at night and I had work the next day, every muscle in my body was begging me to just sleep over and let him rub me all night. But I couldn't. I reluctantly got out of his car, promising myself that I would get those hands on me again. Soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pardon the Interruption

I have to apologize to my readers. I know on Sunday's post I said I was trying to get back into things and get posting regularly again, but then I didn't. It isn't that I don't have anything to post about, but I've been having trouble getting the time to post. And it isn't because I'm incredibly busy this week either. It is more of a sleep deprivation issue. As in, I haven't been sleeping much recently. Much at all. And it isn't that I'm not tired, I am. But I find myself lying awake at night wondering why I haven't fallen asleep, staring at my ceiling or my clock or watching something on YouTube or Netflix on my cellphone just to try and shut myself off for the night. And yet I have recently watched 4am, 5am, and even once 6am drift past me as I waited for sleep to arrive.

Then I sleep through my alarm and don't wake up until noon or later. Always exhausted. Always hungry and thirsty. And always pissed off at myself for letting so much of the day go by. And every time I don't fall asleep I get frustrated and angry with myself (even though I know it isn't my fault). I get forced to speed through my morning routine and then tackle what I had planned for the day in a shortened amount of time. As much as I like to think that things can be done on unusual schedules, I'm increasingly finding that when you've decreased the hours your awake during the general work day down to 3-5, you really run the risk of not getting anything done that you needed to.

And this has been going on for way too long with me. I get close to making it better, but then something happens and I'm stuck lying awake at night again. Well, yesterday after waking up around 12:30pm, I decided that enough was enough was too much (as the father owl in that old Merrie Melodies cartoon "I Love to Singa" would say). On the suggestion of a few of my friends, I'm trying out a melatonin supplement, which is supposed to be a natural way to make me sleep. I don't know how effective it will be or how long it will keep me out (everyone says it was safe and wouldn't keep me out long), but I'm hoping it will get me to sleep and let me be rested enough to wake up when I want to in the morning. And hopefully, after a few days, my sleep schedule will be reset and I will be back in business and not so constantly pissed off at myself.

It has even gotten in the way of me having sex recently. I've always made it a rule for myself that I don't put aside important things in order to have sex. But when I'm not finishing my important stuff until dinner time, that is kind of hard to do. So while I have had some good times recently, I haven't had nearly as much as I could have if I had more time. I've also missed out on movies and meeting people. I've been a bit of a hermit recently. I've even pulled away from online interactions, letting my Facebook, Twitter, and even my emails get a bit behind and out of control. But sleep problems can do that to you, I guess.

So anyway, here's hoping this plan works. I'm trying not to be skeptical. And if everything works out I should be back to my regular, mostly cheery self in no time. I apologize for being withdrawn, but hopefully that will be over and done with soon. Thanks for understanding.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Formspring and April's Fool

Well, my dear blog readers, today is the first day of April and man am I behind in things I want and need to do. I've once again found myself a bit too busy and a bit too caught up in various things to get some time to myself to relax, even when I thought I was going to have a relaxing weekend. But I am a firm believer in seeing every new beginning as a clean slate, so I'm going to try my best to dust myself off and get a jump where I've fallen behind. But I also am hoping that with spring starting to kick in gear and some of my obligations winding down, I should at least have some time to relax, enjoy life, and get some serious fun going on. I need and deserve it.

I don't mean to bitch and moan about being busy. It just seems surprising to me, when I thought I had essentially cleared myself up that I got bogged down anyway. I wanted to reward myself, but life got in the way of enjoying life (wouldn't you know it?). But I've already done a few things to make myself happy. In fact, last night, at about 2am, I was baking myself a cake. If that isn't treating yourself well, I don't know what is.

Without much further delay, I'm going to jump right in to the questions for this week. As always, my Formspring page is open for you to ask me anything, and you can also email me questions as well. I love answering for you all, as it gives me the chance to talk about aspects of my life that I might not normally touch in the blog.

On to this week's selection!

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy weekend?

In bed. If I am being lazy, there's a good chance I'm hardly leaving the bed. If I have a body in it with me, it is even harder to leave.     

Why you so sexy?

Not sure, but I'm happy that you and others find me sexy. It makes talking to people so much easier when they're attracted to you. Kidding. I think.

Do you like to ride roller coasters? If so, what is the name and amusement park of your favorite?

I LOVE roller coasters. A lot of the ones I used to ride as a kid are gone now, taken down and replaced. But when I went to Cedar Point in Ohio I discovered a coaster-lover's paradise. So many coasters, I actually didn't get to them all by the end of the day.

Of course, I have a certain love of the mountain coasters at Disney World. Space, Thunder, and now Everest. Love them.

Why do bitches be hatin'?

Because bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks? Yes I just quoted Dr. Dre.

Under what conditions would you lose the beard?

Under absolutely no conditions. I may trim my beard regularly, but I don't shave it off anymore. I love my beard.     

Have you ever made a sexual phone call to someone you had a crush on and hidden your number or disguised your voice?

No. I generally let people know if I find them attractive. I'm more straightforward than most about stuff like that, though. I was going to say that I have probably done that kind of thing to someone I hate...but nope. Haven't done it at all.

Would you ever skydive?

I have been wanting to skydive for YEARS now. Was hoping to do it last spring but things sort if fell through. Still, when the time is right, I'm jumping out of that plane.

What are 3 Deal Breaker that would end a SERIOUS relationship with you?

Being controlling and jealous of me and what I do and who I see, lying to me outright, leaving me high and dry when I need you most.

That's all for this week! Can't wait to answer some more for you all, and thanks to everyone for sticking with me while I deal with all my current stress. I am hoping for all our sake that it lets up soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the beginning of April.